There's retro, and then there's The Lost Shield kind of retro that looks like it really came out of a different era. The Lost Shield, from Game Stew Studio, is a combo of brick breaking and adventuring where you use your powerful magic balls (not my words) to destroy enemies. The game will have 6 areas with over 50 stages to explore and destroy, over 20 types of enemies, 6 bosses, and even hidden bonus stages with extra loot in every stage. As you travel along the world of The Lost Shield, you'll be rescuing followers with unique abilities who you can add to your party. You can also upgrade your main hero in an effort to make his balls more powerful.

As you can see from the trailer, posted earlier today in our Upcoming Games forum thread, the levels look quite fun, and the art and music are spot on. The game is scheduled to release this Thursday and will cost $1.99, so get read to throw some balls.

  • Prit Attal


  • AlpacaLips

    Video is iphone; I hope it's universal.

    • momopara

      It also support iPad. 🙂

  • Lacuna King

    I really appreciate the graphics. So reminiscent of Game Boy. Interesting game concept too!

  • Martin Meier

    Pfffrrrrtttt.... did he say "to make his balls more powerful"?