Well, this was unexpected. Out of absolutely nowhere, a new Ridge Racer game for mobile, titled Ridge Racer Draw & Drift, has soft launched onto the App Stores of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines. However, as you may have guessed from the game's title, this isn't your standard arcade racing fare in the style of Real Racing 3 [Free] - in the newest Ridge Racer release on iPhone, you instead have to draw out the line your car will race on a 2D map of the track, and then control the drifting of the vehicle while it automatically drives around the track. While this interesting new mechanic may be the biggest new feature in the game, developers Bandai Namco have ensured that everything else you'd expect from the Ridge Racer series is present, such as stunning graphics, an exuberant electric soundtrack, and a whole host of cars that can be unlocked throughout the game.

While Ridge Racer Slipstream [Free], the last iteration of the series on mobile, was a far more traditional affair, Draw & Drift is hoping to distinguish itself from its older brother with its new, more mobile-oriented method of drifting, as well as the ability to play online against four real opponents, which is impressive for a free to play title. However, such a low cost of entry comes with it the inevitable abundance of in-app purchases, as a whole new card-game mechanic lets you upgrade and power-up your cars. Hopefully these aren't too obtrusive, as Ridge Racer Draw & Drift looks like a really interesting take on racing games, while still retaining the glamour of the series. If you can't wait to try out Draw & Drift, use our soft launch guide to download the game from overseas, or just get it straight from the App Store if you're lucky enough to live in a region where it has already been released. Otherwise, keep an eye on our forum thread for the game for any first impressions, or for further news of its global launch.

  • Grantlionheart

    :/ am I the only one that feels like drawing out the race like is pointless.

    • Grantlionheart

      Race line**

  • Donny K76

    I'll be picking this one up. It's so aggravating that Draw Race 2 was never updated to support newer devices.

    • claudiuseven

      i heard they're working on a next title for that 😉

  • Mike T4

    This franchise is long dead

  • boydstr

    I try to download a game to from TA forum and I got a strange message that I never got befor while I downloaded a game they ask me If I want to use Touch ID and I this message looked totally different than the one you get when you buy in the AppStore directly I never saw this message before in such a way so is there anyone know what this is?

  • chinito77

    As a long time and current fan of the series, I dislike the visual look of the game. I will certainly give it try and it may be entertaining however, give me the old classic formula with better visuals instead.

    • Sick of Labour

      Same here. Would it be so hard to just give us arcade perfect ports of Ridge and Rave Racer? Or just fix the old Ridge Racer Accelerated app so that it works with iOS 10 and MFi controllers.

  • nexus2k

    I am shocked. bandai goes backwards. compare this to old Ridge Racer on PSP, where skills, reflex a bit of luck and good track memory beating by ms track guarantee win 1 place. what is this? looks like a joke.

  • GiHubb

    Draw Race 2 was amazing, I hope this scratches that itch. However, from the trailer, it doesn't seem like the speed you draw the line affects the cars acceleration and braking. Hopefully this isn't too simplified.