According to this very interesting reddit post by Scaveola, Blizzard might be looking to add new features to Hearthstone [Free] in the future. Specifically, he received a survey from Blizzard inquiring into his gaming behavior and his satisfaction from various Hearthstone features. The survey asked whether he is happy with Standard and Wild and whether he would want to see new modes with options like a campaign mode, a new co-op mode, an offline mode, one with better ways to play with friends, a new tournament mode, a mode with matchmaking based on cards owned, and so on.

I'm not surprised that Blizzard is looking for ways to improve the game since outside the Standard/Wild Split, it's been a while since we've seen new ways to play the game. Personally, I'd like to see ways for us to organize tournaments with friends because it would be a lot of fun to do so without having to go outside the app. And co-op would also be entertaining. What would you guys want to see? Keep in mind, of course, that this survey might lead to nothing at all, but my hunch is that Blizzard is making plans for more features as we speak.

  • Bliquid

    I know it is heroes of Warcraft, but i'd really love to see Adventures (Expansions would be too much, i think) themed after the other Blizz's IPs,
    a la HotS.
    A "solitaire" mode would be a fun gimmick too.
    And more engaging way to coop with friends.
    Trading system would be awesome, as well as a functional Tracking system.
    No, wait, wrong game.

    • Booch138

      But.... HotS is nothing original in content or character, it's just a collective of all of Blizz's IPs, Warcraft included. Lol. I mean I love the game personally, but I guess you might mean "like how HotS incorporates all Blizzard IP's in one game" being translated to HS incorporating the same thing. Personally I'm okay with just Warcraft IP's in this one.

  • JimboJimmyJim

    Somehow do a booster draft.