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Check Out the New ‘Hidden Folks’ Trailer

Adriaan de Jongh and Sylvain Tegroeg’s Hidden Folks is coming along quite well – and I got to see the game at Fantastic Arcade in Austin this year, and I came away impressed. The art is gorgeous, the little touches of animation and sound that have gone into the game provide this exquisite little world for you to poke around in. Oh, and finding all these eponymous hidden folks is going to be one incredibly challenging experience, especially since some of the levels promise to have forced scrolling and/or be inordinately huge. Check out the new teaser trailer for the game that the duo has just put out:

This will be a cross-platform release, but I think if you can play this on a tablet or touchscreen of some sort, it’ll be most ideal. Playing it on a laptop touchscreen felt better than playing with the mouse, and I could see this being a perfect game for iPad. The game is still in the works, with plans for an early 2017 release, as they develop the game with live Twitch streams.