It has been in the works for a long, long time, but NetMarble's ChronoBlade is finally starting to near a point where it will be available worldwide, as a soft launch is rolling out now in Canada. While this is a hack 'n slash action-RPG from a studio that publishes a bunch of them, and those differences weren't really apparent from a similar game I saw beforehand in a demo back at PAX Prime (now PAX West) in 2015. But the perspective and gameplay of this one have a bit more in common with beat 'em ups than other action-RPGs' combat systems, which might just be enough to intrigue you. As well, it's been a year since I saw the game, and perhaps Diablo 2 designer Stieg Hedlund has helped make some changes to make this one more intriguing. After all, their Facebook users were a bit vicious:

If ChronoBlade does intrigue you – and I'll have to fire it up to give it a fair shake now – you can download it from the Canadian App Store. If you're not in Canada and don't want to wait for the global launch, then check out our guide to downloading soft launch games! And hop in the game's forum thread to discuss this one further.

Canadian iTunes Link: ChronoBlade

  • Amenbrother

    Oh snap!

  • spizak

    Pls let this have mfi

  • Ivica

    I played it, and deleted. Timers, energy and other p2w stuff

    • Jakeopp

      Sounds about right...ugh

  • mabus51

    Lost me at free2play. When will this plague end? Seriously it's killing mobile gaming.

    • Maude St. Nubbins

      You're about three years late to the party, and it's not ending. Unless enough consumers put their money where their mouths are to make premium mobile games a viable business model again, it is what it is. Game development isn't a charity, but since most gamers have no clue about the business of game development it's common to put the blame entirely on "greedy" developers.

      • Modjular

        Well said

    • Stormourner of the Nature

      heh what kills the mobile gaming is your stupidity and your hatred

  • waxthirteen

    It's not bad so far but it's very much like that game Masquerade: The Faceless that came out a bit ago. Like... it's nearly identical. If I hadn't just played a ton of that game I might be more interested in it, but as it stands it feels way too similar.

    Great graphics and sound, though. Gameplay is fun if you don't mind F2P grinding and wave based arena combat. If that sounds like a turn off then stay far away 🙂

  • 김지 킫밸

    F2P is for ones to fall in love with the game and be willing to put money into it. P2W is different.

  • Slate

    This game is similar to many auto play style games that I have played but for once I am actually enjoying this one. Now to see if it will hold my attention.

  • Chazz Roger

    While I understand that F2P is frustrating because the business models are typically awful, NetMarble is one of the most generous developers there is right now when it comes to free to play mobile games. Marvel Future Fight gives free stuff constantly and you can enjoy the game without spending a dime. Count me in if they treat this anything like Future Fight.

    • Taeles

      agreed. 88 characters currently and only 2 are paywall locked. damn impressive percentage there 🙂 i love mff and netmarble 🙂

  • Weisse

    Except Diablo 2 was a masterpiece. This however is your average f2p mobile game with timers and energy.

  • boydstr

    Final Fight on speed real cool and the sideway view gives me an fighting game feel.

  • boydstr

    It's in soft launch so let yourself be heard about the F2P/P2W bullshit😖and mabey they see the light.