The upcoming RTS Cavalry Charge does away with fancy visuals, base building, and economy systems and, instead, focuses on battle formations and tactics. Each unit has its own AI, and you get to put all those units together in a variety of formations. Then, you throw your troops at the other army and watch them fight over a real-time battlefield all the while tinkering with formations and tactics as you try to take out your enemies. As you can see in the trailer below, there's a lot fun to be had in messing about with battle formations and trying to defeat the enemy through either outwitting the enemy general or simply going for brute force.

The game comes with a campaign mode, a sandbox mode, and a map designer, and you get to challenge your friends, which, as always, is the best part of any strategy game. Cavalry Charge might be not much to look at, but if it plays as described, count me in. If it looks interesting to you, you can join the beta in our forums.

  • rezn

    Looks very cool.

    • Xmourinho

      Thanks. Please let me know if you have any feedback.

  • RedDawnFREEDOM

    I'll give it a whirl

  • khann

    I'll add this to my watch list. I don't have enough time to test but I'll take a look when it is released.

  • Airsoftpopcorn

    Any news on a release date