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‘Maxim the Robot’ is a Cute Robotic Platformer Heading to iOS and Android

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Everybody loves robots, and everybody loves platformers. Right? Well, at least I do, and when you combine both robots and platformers together, it gets me pretty excited. That’s the case with Maxim the Robot, an upcoming mobile platformer from FrozenBots Studio. Maxim the Robot features all the, er, features you’d expect from a platformer. Running, jumping, swimming, swinging, sliding, wall-jumping and more. Even… driving a wagon? Sure, why not! Check out the latest teaser trailer for Maxim the Robot.

The game will feature more than 80 levels, as well as unlockable characters who possess unique upgradeable characteristics and special abilities. There will also be several goals to shoot for in each level, like collecting all cogs, finding 3 secret X-Coins, defeating all enemies, and competing for the best level completion times. Maxim the Robot looks and sounds like a very cool platformer, and I’m always looking to get my hands on new platformers. No release date beyond “coming soon" but we’ll keep you posted with any new details that pop up.

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