Mika Mobile has just announced their newest game, and it's a doozy: Battleheart 2. The studio's 2011 RPG Battleheart [$2.99] was beloved as an incredibly fun game at the time, and a spinoff, Battleheart Legacy [$4.99], was similarly received. Now, Mika Mobile is returning to expand on one of their first big hits. It's going to look better than ever, but there's one really cool new feature in the works: co-op multiplayer. After Zombieville 2 [$0.99] featured it, the plan is for Battleheart 2 to have co-op multiplayer for up to 4 people, where you nominate individiaul characters into a communal party to go on a raid. Sounds like fun!


Battleheart 2 is still in early development (about 3 months in at this point), but considering Mika Mobile's track record, Battleheart's popularity, and the statement that Mika Mobile wants this to "be the definitive Battleheart" along with a cross-platform release between iOS, Android, and possibly PC, it's time to get hyped.

  • brantov

    OH MY GOD! best news ever!

    • xelasnewo

      EXACTLY!!! Awesome so hype!!!!!

  • nini

    I'm suitably hyped, I was fine with BL but it lacked something the original had. The new art is fancy but there's something to be said for the original designs.

    • xelasnewo

      I agree. I cant put my finger on it but I just couldnt seem to get into BL. I was an amazing game though. As for the graphics, I did the the original graphics better too

  • db2


  • Sherlock EB

    So hyped right now

  • speedyph


  • Jason Howell

    OMG Battleheart might be the best iOS game ever. I wasn't a huge fan of Legacy, but so stoked for a proper sequel to the original, plus multiplayer UGH I JUST CAN'T EVEN!!!

  • Sexy Pirate

    Preferred the art of the original but these guys are like foursaken media and everything they release is great.

  • HelperMonkey

    Oh yes.

  • Repulsa

    Hope they go the premium route with this one too

  • scottsoapbox

    Hyped!!! But do I have to play with other people? I don't generally like other people.

  • Luci0

    Anything by mika mobile is instabuy in my books lol!

  • TripMX

    I'm really HYPED!!! πŸ˜€
    Not for the co-op multiplayer part, but for the new full game with it's story continuing from where it left off in Battleheart Legacy!! πŸ˜€

  • ste86uk

    Can't wait love Battleheart, hopefully they can add some longevity to the game I was sad completing the first and legacy

  • willem b

    I haven't been so stoked for an upcoming game in a long time.

  • Chris


  • Psac42

    I think I'm the minority, I would love to see a BL2!

  • Modjular

    Mika Mobile is the only dev that gets their own folder in my phone

  • brainbean

    Can. Not. Wait.

  • Bobby Mark Berden

    @_@ "FREE" FOR EARLY BIRDS please