Apple Watch gaming is super weird, but developers have figured out all sorts of crazy ways to sort of make these game experiences work on the small screen. Usually that's bite-sized companion style games, not full-blown arcade style games. The upcoming Marble Watchness bucks that trend by attempting to provide Marble Madness style gameplay on the watch, controlled with four tiny buttons:

Per the thread in our forums, the game will be launching on October 13th for 99¢. I'm stoked to see how it does, as the whole thing seems kind of insane. But, maybe that's just what the Apple Watch gaming world needs? I did play a ton of my Zelda Game Watch after all.

  • nini

    I still can't see the appeal in gaming on the Apple Watch, can't imagine that playing a Marble Madness clone on your wrist is any fun when it's already a ridiculously difficult though short game even if you're playing by d-pad or the arcade trackball.

  • Kamakazie

    Looks absolutely awful. Like something I'd play on my TI-83+ back in high school.

    • dancj

      Yeah Marble Madness is all about inertia and needs to move smoothly - and really should be using the gyroscope (not sure if the Apple Watch has one). This is way too jerky and looks like it's turn based.

    • Daniel Schroeder

      TI-83 is a stretch, but all I could think of while watching the video were Java games on pre-smartphone phones.

  • Zaraf

    Oh man that looks bad. It seems like the all stops on its own when it reaches an edge? Basically reducing the game to a glorified "sliding ice puzzle"? The whole challenge of Marble Madness was like Super Monkey Ball: Don't fall off!

  • Adams Immersive

    I'm not sure Marble Madness is the right comparison.

    Word games seem best suited to the wrist.

  • Golan Klinger

    I love Marble Madness and I really like the look of this game so I hope they release it for iOS because I don't have an Apple Watch.