Dog Sled Management Game ‘Dog Sled Saga’ Hits the App Store

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One of the things I saw at PAX was Dan FitzGerald’s Dog Sled Saga ($3.99), a surprisingly complex dog sled management game. The gameplay loop involves racing dogs via a mechanic where you’re aiming and tossing dog biscuits to each of your dogs to keep them going full speed. (It almost reminds me of managing your carrots when riding Epona around in Zelda games.) After each race, the “real" part of the game begins and you micromanage all the aspects of your dog sled team and their training to build the ultimate group of canines.

Dog Sled Saga has been in development forever, and I’m curious to see how it’ll do- Particularly as a game that’s launching at the same time on Steam, Android, and iOS. We’ll try to get a review up soon, as I think there’s a lot of stuff people will like about this game that might not seem immediately apparent from watching the trailer. Also, for a bunch more screenshots and video, check out the Dog Sled Saga web site.

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