Torchlight Mobile drew a lot of excitement when it was first announced in June of last year, and deservedly so. Torchlight II was an absolutely essential dungeon crawling action RPG on PC that managed to stand up to the genre behemoth that is Diablo 3, and as a result, the Torchlight series has attracted many devout fans. A portable, mobile adaptation on iOS was consequently big news, however subsequent previews at E3 and TGS lessened such expectations, as despite some beautiful graphics, Torchlight Mobile was riddled with free-to-play gimmicks, and ideas that were not fully fleshed out. A year later, with virtually no new information on the iPhone iteration, Torchlight Mobile was shown at this year's Tokyo Game Show…and nothing much has changed. But hey, Torchlight Mobile still exists, and will hopefully be released in the near future on the App Store, so there's still time to see a more complete version that is worthy of the Torchlight moniker.

In case you've missed our previous coverage on Torchlight Mobile, I'd recommend giving Jared's E3 2015 write-up a read, as not much appears to be different from the build he tried out last year. Apart from some minor UI graphical alterations, the much maligned free-to-play aspects appear to remain, including the energy meter and the abundance of currencies that feature within Torchlight Mobile. Regardless of these hindrances that may put off some gamers, Torchlight Mobile looks beautiful in motion, and for any fans of the hack and slash genre, the core Torchlight gameplay looks to still be present. With no further details on a release date, hopefully we hear about when the mobile iteration will drop onto the App Store sooner rather than later, as it will be interesting to see how the years of development have affected and altered the game - and don't forget to share your impressions on our forum thread.


  • gaberaph

    I wanna play this so badly!!! Still wishing it was premium, but I'll take what I can get lol 🙂

    • Stetch

      I wont touch it if it has a energy meter. I would suggest two version. A f2p and a premium :3

      • Milotorou

        yep if theres an energy meter i wouldnt even touch it with a stick

      • HippoHumper

        I would... I would touch it with a stick.

      • Nivak

        In Facebook they posted that it wont have energy timers.

      • Stetch


      • gaberaph

        I saw that too, hoping they keep that promise!

      • Press2Play

        If it ninjally install on my phone I won't even bother to touch my phone.

    • Kwadius

      I'm just wishing for to come out lol

  • Kahdmus

    Titan Quest was a great port. I want more like that. ARPG works great on mobile. Freemium rubbish I just have no time for.

    • Fudda

      So true, brother.

    • gaberaph

      Have you tried ember yet? Great fun and slightly better than Titan quest IMO

  • imuddy

    With the lack of information and a delayed release date by the developers, I feel this is going to be a shaky release.

  • Amenbrother

    I will take whatever version I can get honestly...

  • zid

    So much for promising to lose the pay2win aspects. Gg Perfect World. Not only do you suck at communicating with the Torchlight community you suck at keeping promises, too.

  • jamesgecko

    Hopefully this will run on iPhone, too.

  • Kane Bunce

    The player kept being able to attack when that bar emptied out, so I think that might be Magic Points, something the series already has as an exhaustible resource. The fact it was filling up again on its own quickly also suggests that.