I've been reading numerous stories about driving while Pokemon GO-ing [Free] and the often-unpleasant results of it. Now, we have more scientific evidence on the relation between Pokemon GO and distracted driving. A recent San Diego State University study looked at over 300 thousand Twitter posts over 10 days in July (July 10-19) and found that 18% of them were from people driving at the time they tweeted. The researchers looked for tweets that combined the word "Pokemon" and "driving," "drive," "car," and so on. According to the analysis of those tweets, 18% came from people driving while playing, 11% talked about someone who was driving while playing, and 4% mentioned a pedestrian playing near traffic.

The researchers also analyzed Google News articles from the same period and found that 14 car crashes were attributed to Pokemon GO. The researchers pointed out that since they only used Twitter as a way to measure distracted driving, it's very possible they are underestimating the distractions linked to the game. This study raises some interesting concerns on future AR games; I wonder if in a few years time, instead of don't text and drive ads we'll be getting don't play and drive.

[via Fox 5 San Diego]

  • nkx

    Guys I don't know how to request these generally but can we get a review on ember. Also great article!

  • bhayes444

    I hope they accounted for lurking variables in this study, because there are so very many possibilities. Nobody should play Pokémon go while driving, but it's not like this study says anything new. The study pretty much says that doing activities that take your attention away from driving, while driving, leads to accidents... No shit

  • palenoue

    And grown-ups complain about kids not paying attention to their surroundings while playing Pokemon Go 😉

  • Drewskii

    Are we seriously surprised by this?

    • FusionFountain

      I'm not, it's pretty obvious this was gonna be a thing that happened

  • rayray307

    They need to invent something that disables phone usage while driving and then problem solved.

    • fearlesskk

      Car EMP

    • Sentinel82

      We just need the self driving cars to hurry up and replace manually driven cars.

  • blueknight1st

    Natural selection at work.