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Rogue-like Platformer ‘Ultra Zultra’ Looks Great, Hopefully Coming Soon

This is for all those who love their platformers. Ultra Zultra is a really fast-paced rogue-like platformer (if you don’t like the term rogue-like or have questions about it, take it up with the developer in our forum thread) that plans to throw every kind of obstacle your way and see how you handle it. Each area will have its own obstacles and enemies, and as you play through those levels, you’ll be gaining and improving skills like stealth, triple jump, and many more. The developer is promising very tight controls and multiple endings, so it’s not hard to see why I like what I’m hearing so far.


Ultra Zultra


The game will be premium, and you’ll be able to play it either using on-screen controls or using a controller. We have no release day yet, but I have a hunch many of you will be waiting to hear more on Ultra Zultra. Check out the forum thread here if you want to keep track of the game’s development.