The ‘Madden NFL Mobile’ 2016 Season Is Here

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Ready for the Madden 2016 Season? Madden NFL Mobile (Free) has just received the 3.4 update that brings the new season to the game, and it comes bearing gifts. The latest update makes quite a few gameplay improvements, including letting your QB scramble if there’s an opportunity (or if large men are chasing him down), adding dozens of Offensive Plays as well as Defensive Gameplans, which allow you to prepare numerous gameplans for specific offensive schemes like 2-point conversion etc. These changes should make players feel like they are more in control, although it all depends on how well your players actually respond to the gameplans.

The new update also adds league improvements, achievements, a redesigned hub, more Live Events, and, of course, further tuning. Madden NFL Mobile continues to be a very popular iOS game, holding a pretty constant place in the top 40 grossing games, so I’m sure this update will be welcomed by quite a few of you.

Edit: It appears the 2016 Season update has been around for a bit, but EA recycled the patch notes. Still, with NFL having just started, now’s a good time to get into the game if you haven’t already.

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