A few months back, I wrote about the upcoming Street Kart and how its developers were planning on making it the most competitive racing game on iOS. Today the game has officially gone into beta - which you can try and join by going to our forums - and I've been doing a few races this morning. Despite the usual beta issues, I think the game is quite promising and, because of its short, frantic races, should fit nicely in my daily gaming schedule. If you've been looking for a good racing game, you should take a look at this one.

If you didn't read our earlier story on the game, Street Kart will let you invite friends to race at the push of a button, and you'll even be able to voice chat with them through the game. There's a fun rival feature where you can get notifications when certain players overtake you in a league or beat your track time. Overall, I think the game will be great for those who enjoy competitive racing. Street Kart is F2P, but it's hard to comment on the monetization until the game is officially out.

  • Rman04

    I got into the beta and this game is looking very promising!