It's that magical time of the year, friends, when Japanese game companies start pulling back the curtains a little in preparation for the annual Tokyo Game Show in September. As usual, Square Enix is getting an early jump on things, showing things like an arcade version of Theathrythm Final Fantasy, new content for the arcade version of Dissidia Final Fantasy, and a spin-off of Dissidia for mobile. Yes, it's a spin-off of a spin-off. Insert meme image here. Titled Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia, it's due out for iOS and Android sometime this year.

For those not familiar with Dissidia, it's an unusual fighting game that pits iconic heroes and villains from every installment of Square's popular RPG series in arena battles with one another. The first two games in the series were on Sony's PlayStation Portable, and an updated version is currently making the rounds in Japanese arcades. Though it's become common for Final Fantasy heroes to mingle with one another these days, Dissidia was one of the first to really explore that concept. Combined with its unique fighting system, it holds a special place in the hearts of many players.

So what's Opera Omnia, then? Well, by the looks of it, it's another free-to-play social RPG. It's certainly a spiffy-looking one, with many of the battle actions mirroring the stylish special moves of the main Dissidia games, but it's not clear from the trailer what exactly will set this apart from the other four or five free-to-play Final Fantasy mash-ups. As usual, it's unclear if this will be releasing anywhere but Japan, but given that Square has recently shown greater interest in getting these games out across the world, I'd say there's a good chance. We'll bring you more news as we get it, and hopefully some impressions from Tokyo Game Show if they're showing it there.

  • Milotorou

    Another one ? Mobius and Brave Exvius werent enough ?


    • CodeREd

      And that's a bad thing because...?

      • Milotorou

        Id just like another premium FF... I have nothing agaisnt f2ps but i prefer premium

      • curtisrshideler

        Yeah, how many F2P team building Final Fantasy games will they make?! FF:RK, FF:BE, M:FF... Such good developers making games that'll never live on. I also hope we see a new FF premium title someday.

      • Agkelos

        With the way things are in mobile gaming right now? I'm not gonna be holding my breath for one.

      • Sam Azzemou

        Did you see what happened to the last premium FF on Mobile ? FF Dimensions 2 is really bad joke... I prefer spending my time on Record Keeper or Brave Exvius than on FF DImensions 2.

    • Joshua Woodward

      Yeah what's wrong with that? More FF the better!

  • gaberaph

    Hey I ain't complaining, dissidia is dissidia 🙂

  • Terwilke

    Not liking the social free to play always online stuff. I'd purchase it if I could just buy it outright. Same with the other two recently released titles

  • uberdan101

    So.........where is FF8?

    • Teen Gohan

      It showed seifer and his gang in there. Dont worry. Ff8 is in.

    • DanKetch

      On PS1 where it belongs.

      • Booch138


      • d3n21

        and I 3rd this.

    • tp015657

      I 2nd this.

  • DerpWaffle

    I do not speak naruto please translate

    • CodeREd

      You hardly speak english.

      • DerpWaffle

        The video.

  • Devok

    Great story, great graphics and battle system looks wonderfull and unique! Instant buy!

    • Teen Gohan

      Same here! I want it right now!! I hope theres an english dub version though.

    • curtisrshideler

      Insta... Download? Can't buy it if they don't charge for it. Ugh.

  • zergslayer69

    Unsurprisingly it's not what we think but it's not sprites so they actually put a little effort into it.

  • CodeREd

    If it comes stateside I'll definitely download it day one! Although I already have Brave Exvius and Mobius.

  • boydstr

    The Final Fantasy games has great graphics and storyline but I never played them not on my consoles and not on my phone and this has to do with the way the games are played I can get used to the action and i try to say that i want to play the fights in realtime and not put a command in and the AI dos the rest why they don't give the players the option to choose gameplay style.

    • QuarterSwede

      Personally I don't like FF as an action RPG. And these without exploration are boring to me.

      • boydstr

        "Different tastes makes the world go round"👾 👀

    • yourmomsbox

      this is actually is one of the battle option in the psp games, you can choose to use commands or action

      • boydstr

        So the fact that they put that option in the PSP version of the game tells me that there are more gamers out there that don't like the auto commands either.

      • yourmomsbox

        well i can see its kinda difficult to input those action on a touch screen, also with so many low end device on the android side, its hard for them to make a action packed 3d game i guess

      • boydstr

        Sometimes I forget that the developers have to make a decision to make a game for high end devices and release a beautiful looking game or choosing somewhere in the middle and reach a much larger group of mobile gamers so I understand that they choose to release for the largest group of devices available so they can maximize their profits but somethings you see games that have settings that allow you to put graphics etc. to the max.

  • HelperMonkey

    I want to know what kind of awesome method for name generation they use. You know, in case I want to star a band or release an album or write a nonsensical political treatise or something.

  • Booch138

    Watched the trailer. It honestly looks like a 3D/3-Member-Party version of Record Keeper. No thanks.

    Dissidia's odd fighting combat system stuff is what made it cool and unique. This just looks like a rehash of what they're already releasing which, I mean I'm okay with but I won't be involved more than likely. I'm wayyyyyy too balls deep into Record Keeper and Mobius. I don't need another.

    • curtisrshideler

      Yeah, I'm too far into FF III, VI, VII, & IX (and have RK, BE, & M) to really invest any time into another F2P FF game.

  • Earth Vs. Me

    Man I just love Square Enix and all their made up words.

  • Joshua Woodward

    Mobile XI news, where are you?? This game looks good though. Hope they release it in US.