How would you go about living your life if you knew you had more than one to live? This is the question behind the upcoming game A New Life, a "birth-to-death life simulation" that will allow you to live countless different lives. You start with a randomly-generated character with customizable inherited traits, and then you start making choices. You can make all kinds of choices like when to marry, whether to have kids or not, and, as the trailer shows, decide whether to be a bully or a nerd, travel the world, be an athlete, join the army, and much more. This is a fun idea especially for a mobile game because I like sitting on the couch and going through "life" making choices that I would actually make in real life or go completely nuts and do all kinds of crazy things.

Of course, games like these live and die on how believable the simulation is and how the choices you make shape your future on each playthrough. The game claims to have unpredictable life events that will challenge your plans, which should help with replayability, and also lets you relive past lives with biographies and achievements. And I do love how well the trailer replicates the tone of sci-fi infomercials. I hope that A New Life ends up being a fun way to simulate different lifetimes and brings back some of those fun memories I have of the classic Jones in the Fast Lane. The game is coming out August 30th and will cost $0.99.

  • curtisrshideler

    Cool After Effects trailer. I'd totally have enjoyed making/voicing that one. Sounds like a neat concept for a game too.

  • Noodleboy

    Reminds me of old c64 game Alter Ego

    • Kai Cherry

      ^100% this.

  • Jens Alfke

    All I can think about is gagging the smarmy narrator with duct tape and burying him in the desert. Oh, and there was something going on inside the little iPhone in the video, but it was too small to see. Great trailer, guys!

  • nkarafo

    Great trailer ! Do you know how they done it? I mean, what program did they use. It's flash or something else?

  • Daniel Schroeder

    All I could think about was 30 Second Life. Love that game.

    • drmad

      I love that game ...

  • EZ Ice

    Sounds like you fill out a survey...

  • Fireman4200

    Out now in the US! Downloading now! (had to search "Bigosaur" in the App Store to get it to come up)