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‘Sally’s Law’ is a Puzzle Platformer with a Unique Dual-Playthrough Hook

Murphy’s Law maintains that anything that can go wrong, likely will go wrong. Sally’s Law is the exact opposite of that, when everything goes unbelievably perfect with no hiccups, according to developer Nanali Studios, makers of an upcoming puzzle platformer of the same name. As the developer describes Sally’s Law, “It is that very notion of supernaturally good fortune – as though guided by some invisible force – upon which Sally’s Law the Game was designed." This plays into the game itself in a very interesting way. Sally receives word that her father is critically ill, so she sets out on a journey to go see him, and absolutely nothing will stand in her way. That’s because her father’s spirit is journeying right alongside her and helping her out by triggering switches that will remove dangers from Sally’s path. See this in action in the following trailer.

The way this happens from a gameplay standpoint is you’ll complete a level as Sally, and then immediately replay the level as her father’s spirit, ensuring that Sally has a completely trouble-free route through that same level. Along the way the backstory of Sally and her father slowly unfolds, and as you can tell by the aesthetics and music in the trailer, it seems like Sally’s Law will be an emotional journey. The game is actually launching on Steam tomorrow, August 24th, and should be arriving on iOS and Android at some point after. Sally’s Law sounds incredibly interesting, so we’ll be keeping our eye on it and will let you know when a mobile version is ready.