A couple of games with community elements released this past week, and if you want to join up with other readers, well, here is your chance. First up is Phoenix 2 [Free], the new shoot 'em up that we recently reviewed. The official TouchArcade community group is toucharcade, all one word and all lowercase. Any other spelling is a false group of heathens. Together, we at toucharcade shall rule the Phoenix 2 leaderboards and get those sweet rewards ever 72 hours or so. There's a forum thread where you can discuss with us.

Next up is Motor World Bike Factory [Free], a follow-up to the really fun Motor World Car Factory [Free], but with motorbikes and motorcycles and all that sort of fun two-wheeled stuff. It includes bike breeding. Seriously. Anyway, if you need a place to share your friend codes and find some to add in the game, our forum thread is the perfect place to do so.