In both an extremely surprising yet predictable attempt to wrestle the cultural zeitgeist back away from Pokemon GO [Free], a new Angry Birds title has soft launched today in Singapore - but not as you'd expect. Angry Birds: Ace Fighter is a departure from the typical aggravated avian slingshotting gameplay you know, loved and eventually found tedious - instead, Ace Fighter works as a shoot-em-up in the vein of the Sky Force series, as you shoot to eliminate pigs in UFOs, giant mechanical suits of armor and even riding dragons. While it's unlikely to have the same degree of depth and difficulty as shmups from developers such as Cave, Angry Birds: Ace Fighter boasts the slick cartoon aesthetic of the core games, and promises a whole roster of different planes, power ups and animal upgrades that will be a massive boon to any devoted fans of Rovio's other content.

angry birds shooter

However, Angry Birds: Ace Fighter appears to not be directly released by Rovio. Instead, it seems that Siamgame Mobile, a developer from Thailand, have handled the development of this spin off title. While it appears they have had the full blessing of Rovio to create this title - and Ace Fighter has seen a release on Android prior to this iOS soft launch - it will surely be disappointing to anyone expecting the creators of the main Angry Birds series to be behind this one. Despite this, Angry Birds: Ace Fighter does look colorful and creative, and I'm intrigued to know how the PvP aspects work out, as it could be a vital feature to distinguish this shmup from the rest, branding aside. If you'd like to try out Angry Birds: Ace Fighter, it's currently only available on the Singapore App Store, so use our soft launch guide to download it from far away shores, and leave your opinions on this new Angry Birds title on our forums.

Singapore App Store Link: Link

  • Supaflyindie

    looks pretty sweet to me

  • affieyap

    Seems to be available on the Philippines App Store as well

  • Mrbestapps

    Another shmup?

    Brb going to download it

  • Forest Gray

    Damn this looks good

  • bitbit

    traditional shmups have a predictably medium to low ceiling in terms of appeal.

  • ineptidude

    I tried but there were sooooooo many f2p menus and premium currency and iap and micro management and engrish and pets were shouting korean and the announcer lady was trying her hardest with English as a second language. It's only a shmup jesus christ. I just had to nope the hell out of there

  • nini

    Not really much of a statement to say Rovio didn't develop an Angry Birds game anymore, there's already four titles out there where the development was handed off to a third party.

  • Theimmortalsun

    It sucks that today your not able to down load the game anymore and also the servers will be closed on October 8th with the game being shut down the same day.