Friends of mine who have spent time in the military seem to love saying, "If it's stupid and it works, it isn't stupid." Well, that's certainly the case with this particular Pokemon Go [Free] tip. We've seen more than a few people complaining that there isn't a whole lot to do if you're not willing to actually go out and walk around. Yes, you can drive from Pokestop to Pokestop, but in the process you'll be farming up a ton of eggs to hatch. Hatching eggs requires walking (the game knows you're driving because you're moving too fast) upwards of 10km with the game running, which is a tall order for people who have become one with their couch. Thankfully, there's a couple ways to cheat this, but, they're pretty ridiculous.

If you've got a record player, and you're willing to wait an awful long time, you can just put your phone on it and forget about it. Your character in game will slowly walk in circles, increasing your distance traveled. Bonus points for having an external battery pack and plugging it in so your phone can stay charged during extended spinning. Don't have a record player, but have a ceiling fan? Well, again, if it's stupid and it works it isn't stupid. Check out the following video, with some potentially NSFW language:

Alternatively, you could, you know, just go out and walk around. You'll catch more Pokemon and potentially even meet some cool people in the process. But, there is something pretty hilarious about tying your iPhone to a ceiling fan to cheat the game.

  • divincenzoo

    I'll stick with strapping it to my dog and letting him out in the yard

    • Jay

      You're a genius.

  • /|/|ichael

    This is getting out of hand way too quickly.

  • ShinHadoukin

    Come on with the laziness. One good thing you could is that people are actually getting around with app & not just sitting around.

    • Anthony Comeau

      I am disabled with a cane. Walking 33 km to hatch your pokemon isn't feasible for me. Your assumptions that all who look for a work around are lazy is childish, ignorant, and insulting.

      • TCB

        then maybe playing a game that actually involves getting out and walking certain distances is not for you, mate. Do you also complain about not being able to participate in MMA fights?

      • Echo1Echo2

        Maybe some people like to join in on things that are fun?

      • TCB

        nothing against that, but don't use the "I'm X and I feel insulted" thing when the "fun" is not entirely compatible with the player.

      • Penelope Dreadful Grey

        They were insulted because the first reaction for "cheating" was that people are lazy and childish. The thought that people might be impaired in some way or have no legs and NEED to find a work around didnt occur to anyone, so that is what they found insulting. Basically just a disregard for other situations.

        People who have no disabilities forget that there are tons of people out there with with mobility issues, or no damned legs even, and they also like Pokemon and enjoy the game. The game doesnt fully involve needing to walk. With lures and incense, not much mobility is needed, but for hatching eggs, that is a different story.

        Telling them the "game is not for you" because
        you think it needs to be played to a tee a certain way is pretty assholish. Just saying.

      • Connie Northrop

        Thank you!

      • Anthony Comeau

        That wasn't my point. My pojt was there needs to be something for the disabke people. Maybe you should learn to understand English before misinterpreting a persons words.

      • TCB

        just read the comment you replied to again, it is still valid.

      • James Tabbron

        Yeah, for you. We both know his comment wasnt aimed at people with disabilities so come on Anthony, put the card away

      • christyparks420

        sorry but as a person with severe scoliosis and limited mobility i believe Anthony and Penelope were VERY RIGHT to say what they did. u just dont know how to think of ALL SITUATIONS before making snap decisions about others health and disabilities.

      • Connie Northrop

        I agree too.

    • Viewer

      I love walking but during the summer daytime it is incredibly sunny and hot to the point that it is not funny.

  • Poo

    The lazy people are the most creative. Have to love the effort.

    • nini

      Creatively avoiding effort is the cornerstone of modern society.

    • Zoinks

      I have most fun trying to figure out ways to cheat than actually playing the game normally.

  • torosama

    I put it in my kids baby swing and turned it on ... But only after I walked 18 miles in 3 days and got hella sunburned and my legs chaffed because I was commando... Lessons learned !

  • Adams Immersive

    I just strapped my phone to a migrating condor. No need to overthink this.

  • Ryan S McLaughlin

    I was at 6.9/10 km on two eggs. Did about 3.5 - 4 miles (5.6 - 6.4 km). Last I saw I was at 8.3. Servers are down now, but I never hit 10km. And this is typical.

  • Heather Wolf

    I know there's a lot of cracks about laziness here, and I'll admit I'm lazy as hell, too. BUT! I am visually impaired and work full time at BISM Raleigh manufacturing pillows at the moment (they make lots of things) and the shop has no signal. So although I am on my feet and moving all day, I can't wrack up distance tavelled. And since this is what I do for work and I live in a hilly area, I don't want to come home and wander around on my feet MORE after a day of manual labor, especially in this hot, sticky Southern summer, so I actually kind of NEED these cheats. It's bad enough I can't read the damn game because it's not properly compatible with Zoom on iOS, but I am not gonna come home after being on my feet 8 hours and wander in unknown areas all over town, possibly getting so lost it isn't funny, just to wrack up distance. Nor will other users with other various disabilities, especially physical ones. Something I don't think Niantic took into account.

    • Lei Carter

      Exactly. Painful feet for me and work on my feet 8 hours a day.

    • Poo

      I have pretty damn bad back pain and the closest pokestop is about a 10 min walk (slow) and that's about all I can do. Back rages on me when I'm there and then it's a fight back to the couch. So I just drive to the stops when I'm out, there are a few I can hit without getting out of the car. If you drive slow enough it will add to distance but not very efficiently.

      I tried the ceiling fan and after like 20 minutes I hadn't gone .1 km..... I didn't have tape so I put my phone in a sock tied to a hanger that I hung on a fan blade. I had to keep it on slow cause I didn't want it to fly off, even on slow it was fast for a phone.

  • Press2Play

    Exercise for the lazy.

  • Nightxx

    Wow Its called pokemon go for a reason.

  • Elijah Angelo Macaranas

    people like me who cant afford data has it tough bec we only strive thru wi-fis and this idea solves my problem. Heck I was running around my house trying to hatch a 10km egg.
    God I look so stupid

  • sporeboy100

    In other news: Sales of record players at an all time high in 30 years

  • pim tielemans

    does any1 know the times for each egg? i want to save my eggs up for one single lucky egg 🙂

    • swisscub

      The "Eggs" and "Lucky Eggs" are different. Normal eggs require you to put a certain amount of distance behind you in order to hatch a Pokémon. The Lucky Eggs, you activate, and for 30 minutes, you get double XP for anything you do, so activately it wisely...

      • pim tielemans

        Yeah i know, i mean the time it takes for the record player to hatch it. But it didnt work for me :/

  • DF

    I tried the record player trick and it didn't work. I even built an extension to make the circle larger and tried it outside. It didn't track even .1 km. That the app doesn't track in the background or with the phone locked is egregious. I walk plenty already and would like it to count.