A few months back I wrote about Rising Warriors, a fantasy strategy games whose main talking point is its 80 v 80 battles. The game has been in soft launch since then, but if you've been waiting to play it, you don't have long to wait since Rising Warriors will officially release worldwide this Thursday, July 7th. The game has you fighting against the Black Knight, and to that purpose, you build an empire, battle to control various resources across a huge map to upgrade your base by building various defense systems, and so on.

The most fun part of this game will undoubtedly be the battles. You get to build an army using 16 unit types, which you slowly upgrade and evolve, and then attach it to 8 human heroes, which can also be promoted and evolved. According to the developers, there are countless combinations of troops, spells, Heroes, and so on, which should be fun to play around with as long as those combinations actually make a difference in terms of gameplay. When the battles commence, all you can do is sit back and watch while occasionally casting your spells. The game looks good in the trailers I've seen, so hopefully it's fun to play, too.

  • ChaosProdigy

    "Slowly" evolve - i read play forever as F2P and get owned by P2W

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