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Upcoming ‘Politaire’ Hopes to Blend Solitaire and Poker

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Solitaire games continues to be very popular on iOS, though personally I don’t always find them that exciting to play. The developer of the upcoming Politaire might be sharing my view since he hopes to spice up Solitaire by adding some Poker in it. The goal of the game is to make a winning hand with 5 active cards in your hand, and the developer claims there’s plenty of depth in the game mechanics to keep you playing. The game does have a clean, simple visual style, and it looks like a fun, quick game to play with one hand while standing in a line somewhere.

The game has 2 game modes, single and double deck, endless challenges, plenty of statistics for those who like numbers, and more. If you enjoy simple card games with a twist, I suspect you’ll enjoy this one. The game will be F2P (with a one time $1.99 IAP to unlock the Double Deck Mode)  and will release July 14th.

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