1979 Revolution: Black Friday is set to release on iOS soon. The game is a unique experience as it's a narrative-driven experience taking place in the midst of the Iranian Revolution. You play as Reza Shirazi, a photojournalist who returns to Iran as the revolution against the Shah breaks out. You wind up having to make difficult decisions as the revolution goes on and you become involved with various participants in it. It's a unique setup for a game, and it's the first of similar projects that inK Stories Studio wants to work on.

The response to the desktop version has been positive, and now mobile players are going to get to experience this take on the Iranian Revolution and the ordinary people who lived through it for themselves soon. If you like Telltale-style narrative games, keep an eye out for this one – no release date has been locked down yet, but it's very close to release.

  • HarryWarden

    Looks interesting. Love adventure games like his and wish there were more of them.

  • lezrock


  • dalglir

    Better make sure it's categorised as a 'news' or 'education' app like that Palestinian platformer that Apple refused to categorise as a 'game', apparently because it was too political (like this one?) Unless this can somehow navigate Apple's seemingly arbitrary classification standards?

  • Ailan Hidaz

    This is one of the better news stories of the week. We need more ambitious titles like this one on the app store!

  • Mightywiggles

    I can't wait to see this game start Tehran its way up the charts!

  • ValentiaLyra

    Very intriguing. Looking forward to checking it out.