One of the best games I've played recently is the upcoming Armajet, the 2D Multiplayer Shooter that's been in closed Alpha since May 13th. I was very pleasantly surprised at how fun the game is and how despite its various Alpha bugs, the game already feels well on its way to be a great competitive shooter for mobile. If you want to check it, though, you need to hurry because the developers have decided to shut down the Alpha on May 31st in order to work on the features the community requested - clan support, leaderboards, and new game modes. So, if you've been meaning to check out this really promising shooter, you have less than a week to do so.

With the Alpha coming to an end soon, the developers decided to try and get as many players on the servers as possible to stress test their systems. In order to make it more attractive to all players (including the ones who've already played in the Alpha), the developers have added 200 Paragon (the premium currency) to everyone's account. The extra Paragon should let you get access to some of the better weapons and let you enjoy the game even more. The progress will be reset for the Beta, but Alpha players will get a special reward. If you haven't checked out Armajet, I really think you should go remedy that mistake before May 31st. You can apply for the Alpha here, and you can keep an eye on our forums for information on how Armajet development is coming along.

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  • fabianb

    I was just playing it half an hour ago. This game is pure fun and so polished already! Very, very promising. Keep an eye on this game is you love realtime multiplayer or shooter games in general. This will be big.

  • JudasKain

    Looks like a 2d platformer version of quake deathmatch. God I used to watch narrated tourneys. Lols

  • cy@n

    Turrican Tournament 😎

  • elekchron

    Solid, with competitive game play.

  • Gurney Halleck

    I am definitely a fan of this great shooter! The most fun I've had in a multiplayer shooter on iOS since Eliminate Pro first hit scene and that's saying a lot. The translation to 2D side-scrolling on the map is seamless and making long shots is a total joy. Gameplay mechanics and action are already rock solid. Only downside is that because of the randomized loot from packs it can take a very very long time and a lot of Paragons to get that weapon you want. Other than that I can safely say that I will be playing this a lot, for a looong time! Now, bring us more maps!!

  • H4nd0fg0d

    Very promising is an understatement. This game kicks serious ass!

  • Spudboy

    It never finds a game. I'd love to try it out.

  • Spudboy

    I figured it out. Never mind.

  • BravadoWaffle

    Fantastic game. Nice community so far too. And very responsive dev team. I hope they nail the in game economy so they can keep it running and continue development.