‘Goat Simulator: Waste of Space’ is the Next ‘Goat Simulator’ Game, Out Now on the App Store

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The latest Goat Simulator ($2.99) game has just released, and it’s out now on iOS. Goat Simulator: Waste of Space ($6.99) was suprisingly announced on May 25th, and before we even knew it, the game is out now on iOS. It’s technically DLC on other platforms, but like Goat Simulator MMO Simulator ($6.99) and Goat Simulator GoatZ ($6.99), it’s a standalone app for $4.99 on iOS. Naturally, this has you getting your goat-y antics on in space, including mockery of certain crowdfunded spacefaring games about stellar citizens of some sort. Though, really, anything sci-fi is getting mocked here. Plus, certain celebrities-turned-politicians, and not just the one you’re thinking of! The references are over 9000 in the hilarious trailer:

This is a first for the Goat Simulator franchise, with the simultaneous release on iOS and desktop. In fact, this is technically out before the PC version, so I’m calling it: Goat Simulator: Waste of Space is technically a mobile-first game, deal with it, PC gaming master race! But seriously, y’all are alright. Everyone can enjoy some space goating at the same time.

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