We last talked about Rayark's Clash Royale-esque MOBA/card battler/base building strategy game Soul of Eden when it was unveiled at the Taipei Games Show back in January. Over the weekend, Rayark unveiled a brand new trailer for Soul of Eden showcasing the various units in the game. As you might expect from a company like Rayark, the trailer features some fantastic character designs and great animations. Check it out.

Rayark is expecting to enter close beta with Soul of Eden sometime this summer, which is fast approaching. Once we get any details on if they'll be seeking outside beta participants or anything we'll let you know. Full launch of Soul of Eden is planned for later this year, so look for more news and details to be trickling out in the months to come and catch up on some discussion of the game in our forums.

  • Nezuja

    The tone of that trailer and the games logo do not match

    • Rothgarr

      I thought it was really awesome. Doesn't match the logo?

    • Brrobotix

      yeah I agree. The art all looks cool but the styles of some of the units clash a lot. I guess there might be different factions?

      • Tallgeese

        Great music too!

  • IAP-king

    will definitely check it out, royale was getting kinda boring, plus I like Rayark.

  • H4nd0fg0d


  • ZS77

    Premium? Or F2P? I'm guessing the latter.

    • H4nd0fg0d

      Let's hope, it being Rayark, for premium.

  • Fangbone

    Looks awesome!!

  • Rothgarr

    It looks like the characters in the gameplay part are 3d rather than sprites like CR. I've always loved the 3d characters of games like Plunder Pirates. I never understood why supercell never made the characters in the clash games or boom beach 3d (when in boom beach some of the assets already are 3d)

  • JudasKain

    I Think most of us hope for this to be a premium title but but it won't be. Welcome rayark's first f2p...

  • DrlRage

    This looks great!!

  • 7lilwhitewolf7

    Don't cha juz l❤️ve saying that name?