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Rayark Unveils ‘Soul of Eden’ at Taipei Games Show, Looks to Take On ‘Clash Royale’

The 2016 Taipei Games Show went down this week, and among one of the new games unveiled at the show was Soul of Eden from Implosion – Never Lose Hope ($9.99) developer Rayark. Similar to the recently soft-launched and phenomenally popular Clash Royale, Soul of Eden is something of a mishmash of base-building, strategy, MOBA and card-battling. Being from Rayark, the game also boasts some incredible visuals and fantastic character designs. Sci-fi Clash Royale anyone? Check out the trailer.

Rayark gives the nebulous release window of “summer 2016" for Soul of Eden, which feels like lightyears away after watching that trailer. Heck, it’s release could be next week and it would still feel like forever. Not to mention that Rayark also has other title in development at the moment too, including a new rhythm game and a huge update to Implosion that should be dropping really soon. 2016 should be a big year for the Taiwanese developer, and I’m guessing Soul of Eden will be a huge part of that. Look for more on Soul of Eden as summer approaches.