One of my favorite games of the past few months has been Ellipsis [$2.99], a game that's difficult to classify but has you trying to collect orbs as quickly as possible to get stars on levels. The wide variety of levels and branching paths help keep it engaging, and it's just a really cool experience, as I outlined in my review. Ellipsis has just gotten an update that adds in some cool new features to the game, including Apple TV support for both the remote and controller. And on iOS, the game, a new offset control option will make it easier to play the game without obscuring anything on the screen.

Along with these new options, Game Center features are in the game, though you might still have to wait for the 9.3.2 update that supposedly fixes Game Center for those who are seeing issues in order to properly use these. ReplayKit and screenshot sharing are here too. And there's ten new levels added to the game if none of those additions interest you at all. This is still a great game, and I highly recommend checking it out now. Plus, the developers claim that the game will work on devices going as far back as the iPhone 3GS, which is just nuts.

  • rezn

    Nice to see this game still getting love. I must have missed it before though. I remember seeing the review and forum post. But now I can get it like its new!

    • Ellipsis - Minimalist iOS Game

      Enjoy! We're going to keep adding new features and levels over the next months, absolutely free!

  • Mrbestapps

    Great game! But it's so hard 😮

    Not the controls, but the actual game! I'm on a level I've been stuck on for weeks

    • Ellipsis - Minimalist iOS Game

      Which level? Post a screenshot please.