Let's face it: as much goofy fun as Miitomo [Free] is, a social networking app featuring Mii characters is probably not the first thing people were hoping for when Nintendo announced they would be making games for mobile phones. Nintendo was quick to promise that their next games would feature some of their popular characters and franchises, and while many took that to mean Mario, we'll have to wait a little bit longer to see our favorite plumber on the App Store. Nintendo has announced the next two franchises to get the mobile treatment, and if you ask me, they're probably the two best-suited for the job. Today, Nintendo made it official: Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem are coming to mobile.


Animal Crossing is one of Nintendo's most popular brands. While there are a couple of spin-offs, for the most part this series has been an odd sort of simulation where you play as a newcomer to a town full of friendly animals. There are some goals, like collecting every insect or expanding your house to its biggest size, but you'll generally just do whatever you like each day. There are frequent events that are synchronized to the real calendar, so it's a lot of fun to check in and see what's happening on any given day. Being a sort of prototype for a genre that is now common on iOS, it's no surprise this one is making the jump early. Let's hope it's at least somewhat similar to the real thing.


But here's the one I'm really excited about. Fire Emblem is Nintendo's long-running strategy RPG series that recently caught on worldwide in a big way through the popular installments Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates. Of late, the games are famous not only for their excellent strategy gameplay, but also the enjoyable relationships you can build between units. These games would work quite well on touchscreens, and there's certainly precedent on the platform for success in this genre.

The big question remains, however. What exact form will these franchises take on iOS? It's hard to imagine Nintendo undermining their own upcoming new hardware by putting out these big brands on competing platforms in the forms we're familiar with. For that reason, I suggest taking these with a pinch of salt until we can see exactly what Nintendo has planned. It's not hard to see a path for Animal Crossing to go free-to-play, and I wouldn't be shocked if Fire Emblem turned out to be a spin on Clash Of Clans or something. We'll just have to wait and see. At the moment, Nintendo is shooting for a Fall release for these two, so we'll know soon enough. But hey, it's something, right? We'll be sure to let you know as soon as we get any further information.

  • PallaZ

    Very welcome!

  • BloodFidelity

    Two great game announcements! I'm just hoping they both make a release before the end of 2016.

  • OrangutanKungfu

    Dear Nintendo. Don't try to do anything clever. Just do what Square Enix do and simply port some of your old games over to iOS. If people get a taste of 16-bit Fire Emblem, that's hardly going to hurt your sales of the modern games - it's only going to open the game up to a new sector of gamers who might not otherwise have considered getting a Nintendo console. OK.

    • curtisrshideler

      I'd buy their ports all day long! I love their old games and would love to pay them to play them again. But I fear that the ugly F2P monster will devour these two IPs and spit out something that hardly resembles the games we know and love.

    • Quazonk

      They stopped reading after "don't try to do anything clever".

      "This guy obviously has NO idea what he's talking about, he doesn't even want us to shoehorn in a bunch of weird innovations that don't work!"

    • Bliquid

      I'd rather see them try and fail than play it safe once again.

  • one21gigawatts

    Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing are two platforms that definitely work with a touch screen and has a great mobile gameplay loop.

    Would love to carry these with me everywhere.

    Wonder if they will institute some sort of street pass-esque service for these games!

  • ludka33

    Oh Shaun! You nut, you! Kind of neat to see this news nary a week after the Fire Emblem thread in the General Questions forum. Here's hoping for some true ports, a la Final Fantasy. I'd happily shell out 20 bucks for each of these games!

  • Michal Hochmajer

    Holy .hit! 🙂 Ok Nintendo, here is a deal. All Fire Emblem titles, direct port, solid touch controls, up to 50 euros per piece. If you need f2p ubermodernmarkethypergame, please choose some paid character skins etc. I will spare one or two bucks here and there. If you decide to make some grindy f2p, I will install > play until first paywall > uninstall > hate you. Thx. 🙂 As seen, You can easily grab at least 100 euros out of my pocket...first scenario. You can put away few bucks...second case. Or you can see my middle finger. Business is business. Definitely on my watchlist as mostly anticipated! But I will be rather skeptical in this case. So far only SE realized hot to work properly on the market. Ports(FF), original series(chaos rings), interesting spin off(Lara croft/hitman go), licensing/coop (FF record keeper). All great things. I can't stand huge corporations in general, but Square Enix has huge respect for what they've done! Watch and learn Nintendo!

    • dancj

      50 Euros a piece? That would be suicide

      • Michal Hochmajer

        Have you ever play Fire Emblem? Just saying what is worth to me. Now imagine this. Chaos Rings 3 is one of the best rpg out there. Sales on android are still between 10k-50k (which they achieved like 3 months after worldwide release btw.). That's not enough to cover development cost at all. From my point of view, best spend 25 bucks on mobile game so far. Fire emblem is absolute top notch for turn base strategy lovers. I didn't play Awakening (refuse to buy dedicated mobile device nowadays), but want play it as hell. Even for 50 euros it would be easy decision for me. I wish more gamers pay for mobile games (especially pirates), so business become more liberal. But hey, you can always play for free...

      • dancj

        I haven't played it and it doesn't really make any difference. I'm sure there will be people who will happily fork out $50 for the game, but I can pretty much guarantee that that number will more than double if they charge $25, and probably more than double again if they charged $25.

        Charging $50 for any mobile game at the moment is throwing money away.

      • Michal Hochmajer

        25$ instead 50$ can't guarantee 50% sale boost in my humble opinion. Like at all. We can discuss a lot about game industry, but it is wide topic, so I will stick with mobile game industry and Fire Emblem.
        Lets say, Nintendo will release Fire Emblem Awakening on mobile(iOS and Android) by miracle. By 2015, they sold around 2 million units worldwide (best selling Fire Emblem so far...long story, long history).
        Reality of the market is, that Nintendo targets gamers who owns FE:A or knows FE franchise like me, but do not have DS. Those who own FE:A and DS barely buy it, because there is not much reason to pay twice for something that can play alongside other outstanding titles on DS. Still potentially huge customer pool of extremely dedicated gamers who spend quite a few bucks on gaming(DS and not so cheap games).
        Then there is absolutely massive mobile gaming market with potentially billions of users, right? Tell me, how is it, that way bigger market hosts customers, who are afraid to pay even in price range one to three bucks, but yells that they deserve more or games completely for free. This is crazy and creates extremely toxic environment. You can play tons of free garbage nowadays and spend endless time with it. Sounds good? But why can I spend any time with something not worthy(poor story, poor game design driven by f2p element)?
        On the other hand, if someone bring something extraordinary on mobile, why would I be afraid of paying for it? The only reason is, that many mobile games brakes with OS update etc. Yes, a lot of developers stops supporting their games due poor sales.
        Endless cycle showing how low mobile gaming is!
        It is not about bad games, it is about bad gamers! Am I crazy to pay even 50 euros for Fire Emblem Awakening port? No, I am only pissed off hardcore gamer who miss high quality games on my beloved platform due specific reasons gamers are creating by their actions.
        In this case, 25$ vs 50$ isn't much difference(not many mobile gamers spend 25$ for game neither as I showed on Chaos Rings 3 example).
        But I am rather skeptical about porting Fire Emblem on mobile. Still expecting some f2p trash or Record Keeper like clone at best. btw. Fire Emblem Awakening DS is still selling for 40 euros in local currency and there is good reason for that.

      • dancj

        Who yells that they deserve free games? No-one. That's just a myth that gets thrown around. Also there's nothing wrong with the state of iOS gaming. If you don't like free games, don't play them. You'll still have plenty of options. And I don't think you're crazy if you want to spend $50 on a game. I just think you're in a tiny minority.

      • Michal Hochmajer

        "More difficult free models please Please give us more models for free and also more difficult ones free this is an awsome app loved it pls will then fully deserve 5stars" 3* user rating; "Worest game ever Cool but worest I want more free models this game is very bad very very bad their is a lot of cool models and awesome graphics but I want more models" 1* user rating. Just for fun, I've checked Monzo. But I found literally hundreds such a posts about free content in games over years. No kidding. Also quite a few post about games deserve to be free not paid. Definitely not legend, but personal 4 years research on Google play. Slightly harder to found on Appstore as there is region lock for review. Still small fragment of the industry. Probably 10 % of people are abusing review, which isn't that bad. I am not saying, iOS gaming is in wrong shape, but something ruins good part of gaming(bringing more negative elements then positive ones). Playing premium games and will stick with it, thanks for advice. I also found two f2p games I really enjoyed. And there is plenty playable free games, they are just not good enough and often implements IAP in wrong/aggressive way. Almost all of them are missing real depth (story, history), which is big problem for me. Sad truth is that I am minority paying higher price for high quality mobile games, which is problem for industry and quality of the products, indeed. And that's what are my previous posts about.

      • dancj

        Those quotes you've posted are entitled and crappy - but they're asking for more content out of their free games (if I'm correctly understanding their broken English). I've never seen anyone claiming they deserve a paid game for free with the exception of obvious freemium games that start off paid like the most recent Asphalt game.

      • Michal Hochmajer

        As I said, definitely not a legend. And that's the point.
        Whole problem is not just few people writing poor review and asking complete game for free. You mentioned Asphalt, but I remember other games. Even premium ones, where guys were reviewing that game is not worthy even for free or it should be free of charge. Probably won't find them that easily, as I am not researching Google Play almost half year now. I will post it here if I find one.
        You will find more examples of people hating paid games with IAPs. Relatively common one. And you can find also people hating games with small amount content for free like mentioned Monzo. Probably most common one. But biggest problem is if this "Aholes assault" games like Rayarks Implosion. They give it for free and one time IAP to unlock rest of the game(android release day one). Which is btw. best solution and IAP system accepted by me, aka specific price for a specific amount of content. And guess what?
        "Not that great It does not let me play the whole thing"
        "Should pay for the rest of the mission? I enjoy it at first but on certain mission must pay, and it is not cheap, gonna uninstall it, hope it can be free or cheaper to buy this game"
        "n This game not free . i waste my internet quota for this game . but it has good graphic . btw its still not free . dont download it .."
        and endless reviews about game is just trial, which is written under description of the product. You have also text under buy button saying, game include IAP. It is also in description and you can check how pricey IAPs are eventually.
        One last story I keep in my mind because this game is dear to me. Deep Dungeons of Doom was released on android for free with IAP to unlock final endless dungeon. This game is absolutely gorgeous. As I finished main story (completely for free whole game!) I also unlocked final dungeon naturally! And guess what? Yes, people complaining about just one dungeon for a price. And I thing guy asking everything for free was there too. 🙂 But I can't confirm this one as developer switched to upfront payment method so old version with IAP is still in my library but not available on Google play anymore.
        With other android problems like hardware diversity, lower income, and higher piracy, some people still do not understand, why some devs avoid android platform.
        btw. Google did incredible job with Android/Google play during two last years and in my eyes totally smash AppStore/Game Center in terms of usability. So I hope Apple will work on it with their new AppStore team. Fingercross.

      • Michal Hochmajer

        Voez, iOS recent release, but can't wait for android version and its reviews (I am almost sure, there will be some "we deserve" review):

        "Having to pay to be able to unlock every song ruined the game for me. Overall, it's really fun and I like having to work to progress. I wouldn't mind having to put some time and effort into the game in order to 100% it. I'm not lazy or anything. My problem is that paying is mandatory to be able to get the songs. It really is a shame. There should be some way to be able to get enough keys to unlock every song in time. Icons: I literally could not care less about those. Those are the kinds of things that should be held at a price. They don't affect gameplay in any real way. They're just accessories. Another idea is that songs don't get unlocked with keys. Instead, you guys should add something like levels. Every level, you get to unlock any song of your choice, and the keys; restrict limit those for the icons and if we choose, we can buy more keys to get them with actual money. I don't expect you guys to change anything or even see this review and the others like it. But if you do please think about making every song available for free. Thanks."

      • curtneedsaride

        I know, right? CR3, FFVII, FFIX, DQ8, the list goes on and on. I've bought all of SE's very premium titles, and will continue to do so for the premium games that are worth it. For me, this phone and iPad are not just throw-away devices. They are consoles, and deserve some games that respect that. I'm also hoping Nintendo will give us something of gaming substance. If not, we've always got SE premium games, I guess.

      • http://SpiritBomb.co/ Quan M. Ngo

        I've been buying lots of Nintendo 3DS games at $39.99. If they keep that AAA quality on mobile, I believe they can still sell them at that price. But yeah, if they sell them at $19.99 or $9.99 they will get a much wider audience.

      • http://SpiritBomb.co/ Quan M. Ngo

        P.S. FE: Awakening is so far my most favorite game on the 3DS

      • jamesgecko

        Lots of people dropped $40 on Fire Emblem Fates earlier this year. The previous game in the series, Awakening, rarely drops to less than $30.

    • curtneedsaride

      I'd definitely fork out a full DS price for full, premium versions of either of these games. Anything F2P and I probably won't even download them, just like Miitomo.

    • Railgun

      Calm down, use a brown paper bag, and come back down to earth where Nintendo will release these 'properties' as microtransactioned social experiments.

      • Michal Hochmajer

        So be it! NP. Then I will be playing other good games...and will be missing one of the best. Fingercrozzz. 🙂

  • baldeagle86

    A portrait friendly animal crossing game would be the best thing ever.

  • shining jade

    And it will be F2P online only like Pokemon Shuffle and Miitomo Nintendo does F2P I hope they lose money so it teaches them a lesson -_- I don't get excited bout this stuff now .. It's unfortunate but there's high chance there both freemiums ... Heck even Disney is that bad now (there a big name company as well)

    • Taeles

      last i checked kingdom hearts and the new monster hunter titles on ios were both free to play and both exceptionally fare in how they handled it.

      don't burn the bridge to our platform before they even have a chance to cross it please.

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        It's pointless to even argue.

      • Railgun

        But, arguing is so fun and healthy. Everyone should do it daily.

      • shining jade

        Really kingdom hearts is a Grindy BORING fetch quest game .. Seriously thankfully my friend told me that the new mobile app will be used in conjunction with a game , just no details on the animal crossing game it will work with yet thank god too just imaging um Castaway paradise this junk online only fetch quest junk no .. I swear nobody knows what a great game is ! Crashlands, This War Of Mine, Terraria, Junk Jack, Minecraft Pocket Edition, Don't Starve, Craft The World, OceanHorn, Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 and more these PAID games have no timers stupid fetch quests no premium currency that you need to buy with real money, no there full games offline games most of these "Freemium's" are garbage timers premium currency and need wifi ... -_-

      • Taeles

        every game you listed is indeed a fine and excellent example of premium game. want to know why there aren't more? development cost vs product 'shelf' pricing dosent equal profitability. seriously. every single game you listed is a fully functional fully fleshed out game that would demand a 30 dollar minimum price tag on a console... and would get it.

        but mobile gamers balk at 2.99, 5.99 is omg expensive and anything more than 10? pfft, most mobile gamers are up in arms in that point unless its a port of a console game from a developer who's been making games for more than 30 years.

        in the end, if you want to know why there arent more premium titles hitting, its because the majority of mobile gamers refuse to pay premium prices. and 2-5 bucks is NOT premium pricing. thats them scrapping the bottom of the barrel because they know thats the most they will get for their hard work.

        which is a damn shame.

      • delirium38

        It's a fact that games are more expensive on PC or console, but none of these games are selling in the 30 dollar range.
        5-20 dollar is realistic.

  • Tito Piccolo


  • Tone1978

    Fire emblem!!! My all time favourite!!! Wooooo!
    I really hope it is not like clash of clans garbage, but a REAL fire emblem game!! Thanks Nintendo my old friend lol

  • Montanx HS

    F2p social rpgs, dont get too excited folks.

  • Robot:String

    Animal Crossing is the perfect F2P for mobile. They just need to port something like City Folk or New Leaf, make a few trivial changes, and release all sort of seasonal and themed collections. There were a few DLCs on this series, so imagine that on steroids with a way to spend real money on Bells. Then spend those sweet bells with Tom Nook or at GracieGrace. "It prints money!"
    Definitively, they'll make more from AA as a mobile F2P than selling it on any console they have...

  • Earth Vs. Me

    Waiting patiently for Nintendogs on iOS.

  • boydstr

    This is not what I was hoping for.😕

  • Railgun

    They'll skin Miitomo with Animal Crossing characters and you'll swear to yourself you didn't see it coming. But you did. Nintendo, you gone SOFT.

  • Mightywiggles

    Tom Nook's micro transaction game is strong. Best take heed and pay him his due or KK Slider's gonna be singing a dirge for your broke ass. Nook's nephews will beat you to death in an alley with a gold shovel then donate your bones to the museum. Better believe that raccoon is ready to make bank on mobile... and nothing will get in his way!

    • EZ Ice

      so true, tons o cash to be made...

  • bob

    Well now after hearing this announcement i officially have little to no faith at all that the core Animal crossing series will ever come back to Home consoles again and if that's true that animal crossing is switching to mobile for it's core series from now on then that's a HUGE loss for me...

    • Shaun Musgrave

      I'd put the odds of the core Animal Crossing games only appearing on mobile from now on at about 0%. Nintendo can still sell 5 million copies at $40-50 a pop, plus the hardware to go with it. They won't be leaving it behind.

      • bob

        Idk it seems there direction for the series based on an article i read not so long ago mentioned that AC was much preferred "On the go" by the popularity rating of New leaf and how the majority of consumers preferred to download the game on the eshop too rather than buying a cartridge, and now AC is going mobile my best bet is that if NX is indeed part a handheld device than AC will return to that handheld but City folk will mark the end of the Home console AC games considering WiiU got nothing from AC but a lousy spinoff that was a complete ripoff in all honesty.