So, take the details of this article with a pinch of salt since my Korean is on the rusty side (and there's no English translation as of the writing of this story). What we do have for sure are the first screens of the upcoming Final Fantasy XI reboot for mobile. In a conference taking place in Korea, we got an announcement that Nexon is partnering up with Square Enix to reboot the game, and it's being made in the mobile version of Unreal Engine 4, which should make it look gorgeous. Nexon is rebuilding the game from the ground up on UE 4 in order to take advantage of all the engine can offer to mobile.

Final Fantasy XI

Other than the fact that the game will be an MMO, we really don't have any further details. It may or may not come to this side of the world, and I'm sure that if it doesn't, people will be very, very sad indeed. We should hopefully get more info in the near future, and we'll definitely keep you informed. So, fingers crossed the game makes it to the US and EU.

Final Fantasy XI

  • one21gigawatts

    Wow, this would be awesome. Wonder what the subscription structure, if any will be like?

    • Mitta Connor

      I bet they are going with the free to play structure considering it's a mobile game. I could see myself spending money in a game like this, but not if there was an actual subscription lol.

  • Wizard_Mike

    Well... holy crap. This could be pretty huge.

  • tp015657

    What exactly am i supposed to see? The page is down on practice is screenshots whenever there is a leak.

  • bestkevin

    It's coming out in Korea? Cool. Atleast it's not Japanese. I can go to Korean AppStore and get it. I understand Korean so I don't mind if it doesn't come to english but I hope it does come English so I can play with my friends from worldwide.

    • Joshua Woodward

      They may soft launch, and I think Nexon is good about releasing titles affectively on a global level. I look to Touch Arcade for the sign when it's available! Thanks Touch for staying on top of the news!

  • Joshua Woodward

    About time they showed us some real footage. Based on the development stage, we may not see release until late 2016, early 2017?

  • korossyl

    As CRAZY EXCITING as this is, those plus signs next to the numbers at the top of the screen worry me. A FTP XI would be an entirely different game.

  • TakKuroda

    I'm ok with a soft launch in KR, but I hope it comes worldwide soon after.

  • apolloa

    Woah! That looks stunning! I don't think we have many, if any Unreal 4 mobile games yet do we?

    • gsaint73

      We do.... Real boxing 2 is on UE4 and many orher games but not many resl hardcore games

      • apolloa

        Just had a look at a list of them, yeah see what you mean, maybe 2 AAA sounding games, the rest are varying indie titles. Oh well.

  • SnapperTrx

    Oh crap, there goes all my productivity at work - or on the go......

  • ninja clumsy

    Rough article translation incoming:

    This Is How FF11 Reboot Is Being Made

    Final Fantasy 11 Reboot, a renewed version of Final Fantasy 11 being made by Nexon in cooperation with Square-Enix, was unveiled on the second day of the Nexon Developer's Conference 2016 on the 27th.

    Released in 2002, Final Fantasy 11 is the series's first online and, for a console game, monumental video game, as well as a litany of other firsts. Developer Square Enix announced last year that it would work with Nexon to release a mobile version of the game, and Nexon has been dedicated to the series for the past year.

    The reboot uses Unreal Engine 4 and is being developed for the mobile platform. Director Kim Ik-jung of Nexon's FF team presented specific aspects of the game under the presentation "This Is How Final Fantasy 11 Reboot Is Being Made."

    In order to make a game optimized for mobiles, the team has just finalized coming through HTTP and TCP server candidates as well as the client engine server. As a result, UE4 became the final choice for the client engine.

    Given that network interruptions can take place at any time due to the nature of mobiles, work is being done on numerous alternatives to ensure optimal conditions, and the staff is pulling all the stop signs in getting the most out of UE4.

    According to publicly released information, it has been confirmed that FF11 Reboot will be focused on a party of 3, and that there will be hero collecting. The speaker expressed regret for not being able to share a lot of screenshots, and said that development is underway.

    Director Kim Ik-jung said that development is progressing smoothly, adding that battle and world development are in their early stages and that the team will be working on the world server for some time. He further added that he is searching for allies who wish to help develop the continent of Vana'diel together.

    • Talaen

      I saw hero collecting in this translation, which might imply a very different gameplay experience than the original where you made and controlled one avatar that could use any combination of primary and sub jobs. I don't mind having to collect (or buy) other classes, but probably wouldn't be interested in a version where you collected and upgraded static heroes.

  • Mr_ C_

    I played FFXI for a solid year when it came out in North America in 2003. I logged 78 days of play time! It was insanely hard and addictive.

    To level your character passed about L11 you needed to find an appropriate party in an appropriate area. Just finding a party could easily take an hour or more, and once you finally found one there was no guarantee it would last. Sometimes you'd spend an hour or more, find a party, only for it to disband 5 minutes later when the healer quits. When you did have a party, you'd "camp" (or put more simply, stand) in the same spot for hours while one member pulled mobs and he party slowly whittled them down. There were 75 levels and getting anywhere near the cap showed a massive amount of dedication. And that's just levelling - getting high end gear was even more difficult, annoying and ultimately rewarding.

    This game will be nothing like it. Guaranteed.

    • Georgianna

      I miss FF11 had lots of fun

      • Georgianna

        played for 5 yrs

  • Joshua Woodward

    Didn't they say US was on the list for release? I hope we are!

  • TJF588

    I'd hopped into this game years back. If I ever get better income, this outlet would be nice for bedtime sessions.

  • Terroantula

    You know it's going to be crap and probably wont even come out here for 4 years.

    • Design by Adrian

      No we don't, and no we don't.

  • Andre Fairchild

    oh shit.... please tell me this is a more casual version, but still a complete FFXI game... i would buy an ipad air 2 just for this

  • I. B. Halliwell

    I really hope this version allows us to access our existing Final Fantasy XI accounts and characters. My Son and I love playing the game and have since March 31, 2004 (when the PS2 version came to NA). We have 33 characters and play each and every day. A mobile version will allow us to play even more (e.g. not just at home).

  • Hà Quang Minh (콴민하)

    hoped for FFXIV~~

  • Jeffrey Blattman

    If you Google for this, people have been talking about it for a year now. Now we get some blurry half-baked screen caps with Chinese text. Can you say Vaporware?

  • Jhonatta Agauleto Fondelli

    have video?

  • Joshua Woodward

    The my said North America was going to get in in a dev Q&A did they not. This game needs to come out tomorrow!

    • Georgianna

      wish some body would make it for ps4

  • Georgianna

    why don't they make it for ps 4 it would be great

  • Blucard

    Apple TV with controller support. 🙏🏻