There's no shortage of amazing platforming games on the App Store, but I'm still always on the lookout for more. I guess I just have an insatiable appetite for running and jumping. A few weeks ago, a beautiful little platformer called Goo Saga launched on Android from developer Toka Loka Games. It was about a mad scientist obsessed with creating life in his lab, and after many many failed attempts he finally does it by creating a gooey little blob named Goo. When the scientist mysteriously disappears, Goo becomes lonely and decides to break out of the lab and go in search of him. Thus, the saga begins! After a bit of a snafu with Apple approval that prevented it from coming out last week, today Goo Saga [$1.99] has finally arrived in the iOS App Store.

Goo Saga reminds me a bit of another gorgeous platformer, Leo's Fortune [$4.99]. Since you're goo, you kind of roll along through levels like a blob, but you can also expand and compress yourself in order to reach certain higher platforms or duck into narrow passageways. Goo Saga comes with 20 levels to play through, with 3 different ways to beat each: Normal, Survival, and Time Trial. Goo also has 8 upgradeable skills lending a bit of RPG flair to the game, and there's 2 different endings to discover. Perhaps most impressive of all though is that Goo Saga comes equipped with a full-blown level editor so you can create, upload, and share levels online. I've only just dabbled in the level editor so far, but it seems extremely comprehensive, so hopefully the community behind the game will fill out the servers with plenty of extra levels to play.

I don't need psychic powers to see that Goo Saga is going to be a hit. It has impressive, absolutely charming visuals and solid platforming mechanics as a base. With several different ways to play through the main campaign as well as a full level editor, you get a ton for your $4.99 with no IAP. The thread in our forums is just getting started but expect more impressions to roll in there shortly. If you're a big platforming fan like I am, I'd make sure Goo Saga is on your radar.

  • Gurney Halleck

    I love Leo's Fortune and the new mechanics and skill tree look really interesting too. Think I'll bite for this 🙂 can't have too many great platformers 😉

  • HelperMonkey

    I've been hacking up goo from my lungs and sinuses for days. It's not quite as adorable as all of this.

  • skylined87

    I may have just overdrawn my account, but I just had to get it! It was so worth it lol

  • Aris Miras

    Greetings. I'm the Community Manager of Toka Loka Games 🙂

    We really thank you for your article Jared.

    Who's up for a contest? Tell me in the comments below why did you like our game, and I will select 3 people randomly and grant them a free key for the game 🙂

    Have fun!

    (please post that in the forum thread aswell)

    • Amenbrother

      The visuals!

    • rezn

      I love the fluidity as well as colorful gameplay. This is a true gem.

    • extreme472000

      I like how polished the game is especially the atmosphere!

    • jgainsbrugh

      I like it because it reminds me of Mario and old Nes games. 😀

    • Gurney Halleck

      This reminds me of both Rolando and Leo's Fortune, a couple of my very favorite experiences on iOS! I really like the idea of adding a little skill progression/RPG element. I definitely want to play this game!!

    • Snob

      Looks cute and plays awesome!

    • flyordiedays

      The colors and environments are gorgeous!

    • ThePawn

      I like the graphics and I love platformers like this. It's my favorite type of game.

    • paulkane

      Innovative Level design! It looks super fun to play.

    • j.dillinger

      The art direction is beautiful. The fluidity of movement is very comfortable while playing. The levels are fun and engaging. This is a nice addition to a busy week for me.

    • rag66628

      Why I am interested in Goo Saga?
      1) Because it's a premium game
      2) Because I miss the 6th gen times, where platformers were as common as FPS games nowadays.
      3) Because I believe that mobile platforms are the perfect place for this genre.
      And lastly, because the game looks adorable 🙂

    • QuarterSwede

      The art direction is fantastic and the physics ad just the right weight to it. If its half as good as Super Putty for the SNES (what it reminds me of) it'll be amazing on mobile.

  • scamper

    IMO, this game looks far more like the gooey classic Gish than it does Leo’s Fortune. No one ever mentions Gish. Gish was amazing, and I wish they’d released an iOS version.

  • Gurney Halleck

    Makes me think of Rolando meets Leo's Fortune! Both a couple of my favorite iOS experiences! I want to play this obsessively! ^_^++!

  • onyx77

    Scooping this up tonight! Anytime I see a game getting some good traction and it has a level editor I'm sold! Love platformers too!

  • Press2Play

    Reminds me of mutant blob attack from psvita which is Awesome!!!

  • Aris Miras

    Winners have been notified 🙂

    Thank you for participating!