Square Enix played it very smart when it came to bringing its franchises to mobile. Instead of making a Tomb Raider endless runner or a Match 3 Hitman, it reimagined those franchises into mobile-appropriate games in the form of Lara Croft Go [$4.99] and Hitman Go [$4.99]. Well, if the domain names recently spotted in the wild are legit (and they might be), Square Enix might be bringing Just Cause Go, Deus Ex Go, Thief Go, and Life is Strange Go to mobile in the near future. The domains were made in a similar way to previous Square Enix domains, so these might actually be the real deal. Of course, this doesn't mean we'll be getting Just Cause Go any time soon, but the success of both Hitman Go and Tomb Raider Go probably has Square Enix figuring out how to milk the mobile cow further.

Now, I'm sure that you, along with all of us here at the TouchArcade HQ (lair), immediately came up with so many other Go games that Square Enix could bring to mobile. So, after a civilized debate (that might have involved fists and a few broken bottles), here we go: Legacy of Kane Go, Gex Go, The Bouncer Go, Kane & Lynch Go, Project Snowblind Go, TimeSplitters Go, Dragon Quest Go, Final Fantasy Go, Secret of Mana Go, Chrono Trigger Go, Valkyrie Profile Go, Kingdom Hearts Go, and many (too many) more. And, of course, after all those come to mobile, we'll then get Legacy of Kane Sniper, Gex Sniper, The Bouncer Sniper, Kane & Lynch Sniper, Final Fantasy Sniper, and so on...

[via TechRadar]

  • PanurgeJr

    I expect Deus Ex Go to come some time this year. Stealth and augments would be perfectly suited to turn-based puzzles, and it would tie in well with Mankind Divided.

  • http://shoutsfromthecouch.com/ CouchShouts

    well, but they did make an endless Tomb Raider runner, though - Relic Run. it's pretty good!

  • ZeeMonkeyMan

    How well did Hitman and Lara sell? I wish iOS showed app downloads like android does! It about the only good thing google play has lol

  • Tallgeese

    ... I'm never going to get to see a fitting conclusion to Deus Ex: The Fall, am I? The "Go games" are fine but I'd like them to add a visual novel-esque story element to them at least... I mean Gex could tell jokes in-betwixt levels... erm... "jokes," I mean...

    • http://ztj.io/ Zachery Jensen

      They have minimal cutscenes in Lara Croft GO. They could expand on that a little.

      • Tallgeese

        I'm liking it so far and the cutscenes aren't bad (it seems like a surprisingly large 1.1 gb download (unpacked, its itunes page says it's half that size though :/) for a game that's not that high-rez, has ok music, and is often stutter-y...)
        .Maybe after each stage some kind of journal entries with concept art and notes on the real world/mythological make-up of, for example, the Quetzalcoatl-type boss, the salamander/komodo dragon/monitor lizard-like enemies, the regenerating fire snakes, maybe "this-reminds-me-of" stories or other thoughts/jokes on the traps. This is all additional "flavor"/story they unfortunately probably won't add but it would be nice and make it a much more memorable game...
        ."The penitent (wo)man will pass..."
        . In Legend, which is my favorite of the TR games (I have yet to play the reboots tho:/), she often has some witty banter with the experts advising her from her mansion and they all had some actually interesting things to say about the origins of Excalibur in Arthurian myth. (e.g. 'It's not the same as the Sword in the Stone, everyone gets that wrong, gah!')

      • Tallgeese

        Ship, it's "*shall pass" GAH!!!!

      • Tallgeese

        (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Do you even Indy, bro!?

  • ItouchBrett

    Romancing saga go.


  • http://twitter.com/nickzas zazzer

    I can easily see a Deus Ex or Thief GO, but the inclusion of Life is Strange GO leads me to think these are just placeholders for protection.

    No less excited for the possibility, though.

    • http://ProfessorDetective.tumblr.com ProfessorDetective

      There is potential with LiS GO, given the fact that would have to include time travel/reversal mechanics. You could use Max's rewind to help you weave around patrolled or gain important items without getting caught and every time you DO get caught, you get the rewind effect like in the original game.

  • http://ztj.io/ Zachery Jensen

    A Final Fantasy XIII Go would be super easy, just one endless straight line with no actual challenge and the little bits of story that do show up repeat themselves again and again. Easy.

  • luckystrikeguy

    Metal gear ! Duh

  • EggYolkeo

    Metal Gear Acid would be an instabuy!

    • icepulse

      +10000 on Ac!d. It galls me that Sony never ported that.

      Vagrant Story Go!

  • Tallgeese

    "Nuclear weapons?"

  • Tallgeese

    "Metal Gear?"

  • NaeemTHM

    Yeeees! Go all the things! I find these games fantastic and would love to see how ridiculous a Go version of Just Cause would be.

  • Alex_Gol

    >Gex Go
    *dies of laughter*

  • one.sixty.four

    Imagining as game like just cause I a "go" format is pretty funny seeing as it about hijacking cars and blowing stuff to the moon and back.

  • Brawwwn

    They might as well. Activision and EA sports have perfected the "releasing that same game with new skins for max profit" genre with CoD and Madden so GO for it SE really.

  • Mince0

    This could get tiresome! I hope there a little innovation and not just the same each time!