Eagle-eyed Nintendo site Nintendo Inquirer noticed some troubling differences on the English Miitomo web site, namely, all mentions of a March release have since vanished. Here's the before and after:



Notice how that little "Launching March 2016" bubble is gone? Curious indeed. It's some pretty extreme tea leaf reading, but is it possible they've adjusted things on the site because Miitomo isn't launching in March anymore? What's extra weird if that's the case is you can follow our guide and download Miitomo from the Japanese App Store right now. It's even fully translated to English.

Nintendo keeps their cards super close to their chest, so we really don't have any details beyond speculation like this. But, hey, we've been speculating about Nintendo stuff on smartphones for years now, so it's not like any of this is new!

[via Nintendo Inquirer]

  • Hoodin

    Either the launch is imminent or delayed... my guess is delayed because there has been no word whatsoever since they launched in Japan on the 17th. This is disappointing... and puzzling since Miitomo is done. My guess is it has more to do with MyNintendo accounts than Miitomo itself.

    • Alpha E

      It's supposed to launch by the end of this month

      • Albert

        It was supposed to launch by the end of the month. With this, there is no longer a definite release window.

    • jacko

      well one noticeable exultation from the japan launch of Miitomo, was the lack of any and all censoring one posts. Let me tell you some of the stuff I have seen definitively does not fit with Nintendo's family friendly goal. So they may be try to implement an algorithm that will catch offensive posts and remove them

  • 김지 킫밸

    I agree Hoodin, it has to be about the Nintnendo Accounts. I have the Japanese translated English Miitomo app and if my Nintendo doesn't work, then no app is my guess

    • Stephen Paterno

      Mynintendo doesn't work because you all are using the Japan version my god

      • Dividesby_Zero

        Right, the Japanese version won't work with the American My Nintendo account, but I think what they're saying is if the American My Nintendo account isn't ready for use yet, that would be a reason to delay the launch of Miitomo in the US.


    Nintendo needs to release Mario 1-3 and donkey kong for iOS and Apple TV. So many people would buy them. SO MANY!!!

    • curtisrshideler

      I would.

    • dz8080

      This would be a suicide move. Those games success are due to the amazing PHYSICAL controls

      • darwiniandude

        They are a success due to the fact they are AMAZING games. Apple TV and iOS devices support MFi hardware controllers, just basic controls in and flash on the title screen and in the app description "MFi gaming controller strongly recommended" Hell, Nintendo could make their own hardware iOS gaming controller!

      • Anthony

        And you just know they will..I still think they will make apps that just try and push people to buy Nintendo hardware though.

      • Anthony

        They would be playable on touch screens, certainly not a suicide move. Millions and millions of sales and a lot of them just so we can say we have Mario games on our phones now lol.

  • GF-REX

    I'm still a believer! First up is the video on the Miitomo site which states "late March" then NOA tweeted on the 18th stating that it is coming this month. So anytime next week! Watch it be Thursday...

    • Kelsop23

      I agree with you we shouldn't jump to anything quite yet 🙂 there is still a good chance next Thursday

      • barefootdragon

        I like the upbeat outlook. I'll cross my fingers your way. 👍🙃

    • Hoodin

      I'm still cautiously optimistic. It just seems strange to go out of your way to remove the signage if nothing is changing.

  • Alpha E

    I think that date was only for Japan...I could be wrong though, and in Japan it already had 1million + downloads on the first day, and you can purchase it from the Japanese ITunes Store in English

    So as far as localization or reception I can't really see a reason as to why Miitomo would be delayed

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      Why would the Japanese release date be on the US Miitomo site?

    • Hoodin

      Date was definitely for na 🙂

  • timmfox

    Maybe Nintendo should move to worldwide launches. The World is Flat and connected.

    • curtisrshideler

      And some people thought it was round. They're the ones who look silly now! 😉

      • http://backloggery.com/TJF588 TJF588

        Well, hey, spacetime is likely flat, but that would mean it's not really connected, like a closed spacetime would be.

  • JamGela

    It appears to me that they removed the March tag when they added the iOS/Andriod tag at the bottom since it is now released in some countries. So I would guess that it is already submitted to the App Store for release.

  • Scott

    It's 2016 and they still can't figure out worldwide launches, even if it's already been localized.

  • http://backloggery.com/TJF588 TJF588

    C'mon Nintendo, delay Miitomo if you must, but get My Nintendo up & running already!

  • TheKirbyFan128

    I'm pretty sure the bubble is gone because the video that replaced the picture states that it releases late march, so a "Launching March" Bubble would seem a little redundant. lol

  • Gestrid

    Either they removed it in preparation for launch, or they removed it because it's no longer launching in March.

    I would like to point out that, usually, when a website changes for some reason, it usually changes all at once. I'm leaning toward it not launching this month.

  • TouchMint

    might as well cancel it and give us some real Nintendo games.

  • GF-REX

    Well the bubble is back saying "Launching March 2016."

    So either Tues, Weds, or Thurs?

  • Leafy

    you just moved the page down a little bit

  • adamishrobinson

    I am super excited for this, mostly because as a Nintendo fan I can't wait for MyNintendo. Been in withdrawals since Club Nintendo went away...

  • Milez

    It still shows up when I open up the website. :0

  • http://AGayGuysGuide.com Mike

    Well the official site has the "March 2016" bubble again... Nintendo is known for waiting until the last minute of their launch window... So it'll likely come out Thursday.