Independent developer TouchMint has come out with a really clever companion app to Clash Royale [Free] that will help you figure out when your long-awaited magical and giant chests are bound to hit. Chest Tracker for Clash Royale [Free] is pretty much what it says on the tin: it tells you, based on which chest you received most recently, which chest you're bound to get next. See, the chests work on a rotation right now, where you get 1 gold chest for every 3 silver chests, with the rare magical and giant chest. This simple app allows you to see when in the rotation you'll get your next magical and giant chest.

Chest Tracker for Clash Royale

What's good for the developer TouchMint is that he's cleverly thrown in a banner ad that links to Adventure to Fate: Quest to the Future [$3.99], which is the only ad that is really in the app. He mentioned in an interview that his sports stats apps are real money makers for him, and this app should hopefully drive more sales to Quest to the Future and maybe help finance a future game by TouchMint. It's good to see hard-working long-time devs coming up with smart ideas like this.

  • houseofg

    Works like a charm!

  • barefootdragon

    Nice companion to the game.

  • ThePawn

    This app is very useful and well done. Made by an awesome developer as well.

    • TouchMint


      • z1ch3nx

        May I ask when is it going to be released on Android?

      • Touchmint

        Sorry I don't have android app making skills but I'm sure there will be one out soon some dude on Reddit said he was giving it a try.

  • shadowkhai

    Yep, can't say enough good things about TouchMint and this app.

    • TouchMint

      Thanks! hopefully it helps my game haha.

  • ffaust

    If you do not have an open chest spot will you miss out on a chest?

    • PallaZ

      Nope. Chest rotation will stop with full slots.

  • macish79

    How on earth are you suppose to find your spot in the list manually????

    • TouchMint

      Answered above

      • jaron ferrara

        Where? Pls help I don't know what chest I'm on. Thanks

  • talf

    it stops the list at 239! πŸ™

    • TouchMint

      its a loop once you get to 239 it starts from the beginning again im doing an update that will include that info.

  • gottimafia

    How do I find my spot on the list??

    • talf

      Chest count is your number of victory, if you never when slots are full

    • TouchMint

      answered above

  • TouchMint

    Wow! Yea this really blew up. I had no idea it would get so popular (although it kind of hurts to get more downloads on launch day than my free game battle arena made on its launch day haha).

    For those wondering how to find their location its a little tricky if you have not already been tracking but surely doable.

    First step is to have an idea when the last time you got a magical or giant chest and which one it was since you only have 3 in the rotation. Once you have a rough idea go head and start keeping track of chests you receive after about 5-10 chests you should be able to match it up to the list and figure out where you are at. Once you select where you are at it saves that place so youll just need to advance it when you open a chest =).

    ohh and download adventure to fate or youll lose all your clash royale progress ;).

    • macish79

      well already lost on first step.. don't remeber when i got my last "big" chest.

      Maybe it would be usefull to input your "last few" chests you got track where you are "half automatic".
      Without step 1 its a needle in a 239 big haystack.


      • TouchMint

        Yea I just wanted to get something out quickly for people who knew where they were at. Once you know where you are at you no longer have to search because it keeps track of your place.

        I am working on a system to find your place in the update.

    • PallaZ

      But how does CR communicate with your App?

      • TouchMint

        It does not. you update where your chest is in the rotation and it tells you how many chests until your next gold magical and giant.

    • alex

      I have a question, my friend got a super magical chest randomly. I think this entire system is different. There are no super magicals in this list. He got the chest in an arena 4 battle drop .

      • TouchMint

        As noted in the app super magical are the only random chests and they do not interfere with your rotation.

    • Hyuei

      Awesome TouchMint! Really great to see your app and game spotlighted after all of your effort struggling with Clash Royale feature. Nice way to flip all those moment into chances. Good luck and greetings from former TouchArcadia member! πŸ™‚

      • Touchmint

        Yea I admit I was a little bummed the biggest game of the year launched on the same day as mine especially since I delayed launch because of an error on my part haha. But you gotta take what they give you. hopefully the nice guys over at supercell will be helping fund my next game.

  • Carlos Echeverria Cicero

    Any plans on having this on Google play?

  • Jean Silva

    Will this come out for Android?

  • Amandeep Singh

    Will you be making an app like this for android?

  • Beastii

    Is it going to come out in the playstore? (Android)

  • Joshua

    This seems great! However I only have an android phone so if you could please make this app for the play store that would be great!

  • CheesyGuy

    When will it be released on android?

  • Touchmint

    Sorry guys I don't have android app making skills but a dude on Reddit said he was giving it a shot so keep an eye out.

  • JustinTheGreat 10

    How does this work. And how does the number of chest go up? Please REPLY

  • exacalibur

    May i know how do i know at which chest am i collecting now so that i can start tracking? constantly getting gold and silver cant let me know where am i exactly now.

  • Abdou CH

    nice one

  • Garrett

    When I try to get the app it doesnt work. Any ideas?

  • Eric Wetzel

    How do u get it with your current cycle. It's always wrong with mine

  • Noah sdude

    Total scam