The next major company to literally heed the esteemed Eli Hodapp's advice to "Just Make Crossy Road [Free], JEEZ!" is Disney. The House of Mouse is teaming up with Hipster Whale to make Disney Crossy Road. And, well, it sure seems that it's going to be exactly what it says on the tin: Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck trying to dodge traffic for themselves. Chickens may be good at it, but Mickey's been around for a long time. He can dodge whatever.

This seems like the kind of smart thing to do for companies that want to ape the Crossy Road formula in a good way. Look at Pac-Man 256 [Free], which is a really brilliant take on endless Pac-Man by the Hipster Whale team. While the visuals show that a voxel style will be used, it'll be interesting to see the characters and customizations that will come into play with the various Disney characters. They have a lot to mine from, and the game will boast over 100 Disney and Pixar characters through 9 different worlds. Heck, just make the game about trying to dodging traffic to Disneyland and that'll be a pretty faithful Disney game experience there. We are sure to hear a lot more about this really soon.

Update: And it looks like an update with Disney content has just arrived in the original Crossy Road:

  • Aaron Sullivan

    Odd to hear the opening melody from Final Fantasy combat victory right before Mickey hops on to the road. I can only categorize it as unintentional because I can think of no other reason for it to be there.

    • Bas

      Also the theme song is quite reminiscent of the Super Mario Bros 3 map theme

  • PGGamer

    So, what will this be released as?
    A disney update to crossy roads that adds new characters or a completely new game?

    • nini

      Separate game it looks like, makes sense if you wanted your own property exclusive Crossy Road (jeez).

      • Subata

        Disney does have alot of characters, hopefully this isn't infinity though, that was stupid, as instead of focusing on adding more of the history, every time its the most recent things + like two old characters.

    • Rafael Bueno

      completely new game with more than 100 characters from Disney

  • Matthew Hall

    To confirm, yes Disney Crossy Road is a seperate app and will be released on the App Store, Google Play, Amazon App Store and Windows at launch.
    We've spent a lot of time on the game making it the ultimate version of Crossy Road. Can't wait until you all can play it!

    • Sick of Labour

      Can I transfer the 232,129 coins I've accrued in the standard Crossy Road app?

      • edriggers

        202,199 reporting in. I don't think we'll be that lucky.

        On a side-note, why the hell can't I stop collecting these goddamn coins? It's a sickness. I want to stop. I tried to stop. But no, it's everywhere. Go on vacation, there's a CrossyRoad arcade machine in the lobby. Well 2 daily high-scores, the all-time high score, and 5000 tickets traded for a drone later I'm standing in front of an arcade machine with a line of 8 year olds behind me waiting, wondering how my life has turned into this.

        I expect to see CR Anonymous meetings start popping up in my local area. Will I be strong enough to go? Maybe you can be my sponsor. I'd wish you good luck, but you're probably too busy playing Crossy Road to notice. Oh the hardship.

  • Chungston

    Good for them. Cashing in. Just like temple run and angry birds.