If Alto from Alto's Adventure [$4.99] decided he's had enough of all the snow and went to the California for surfing, what you would get is the upcoming Go Surfan endless surfer. According to the game's description, the developer Diverso Games is trying to create an involving experience for the player while still recreating idyllic surfing scenes. The game's mechanics are simple to learn, and all you'll need to keep your surfer dude from getting swallowed by the procedurally-generated waves is one finger. I wish surfing was that easy in real life. Throughout your ride, you'll have to battle gravity that keeps pulling you down from the crest and ruining your style. To keep going, you tap to get your surfer higher up the wave all the while trying to go as far as you can while still collecting various objects and dodging various obstacles. As I've said, like Alto's Adventure minus the snow and lamas.

Go Surf has a dynamic day/night cycle as well as a rain mode, five characters - each with his own abilities and style - pretty fun music and lovely-yet-simple visuals, and the ability to challenge your friends for the highest score or most tricks per ride. I like the game's theme, and I'm glad that the developers decided to climb down from the snowy mountains and hit the beach; we don't have enough surfing games on iOS. The game will be premium, and should go into soft-launch soon. If you want to see more screenshots, check out our forum page.

  • pseudoart

    This brings back memories of California Games.

    • pseudoart

      Jesus, I just looked it up. It was 29 years ago!!

      • Repulsa

        Can't wait for this one 🙂

    • rustyjaw

      Omg. Yes! I played that on the C64. It also is a bit like the Kelley Slater surf game.

  • collider

    Reminded me of Jared Bailey's awesome Infinite Surf - I hadn't played it in a while, just lost the last hour of my life to it...
    This looks pretty cool. Love the shark. Have a feeling Mick Fanning won't be playing this...

    • MarsMachine

      Apropos Mr. Fanning, why hasn't anyone made a shark punching game yet?

  • Mr.Ace

    This reminds me so much of that show 6Teen that use to air on Cartoon Network

  • Николай Виноградов

    Out on Android?

  • Daniel Schroeder

    Looks similar to Surfy, which was pretty fun. Anyone looking to scratch that surfing itch, and can't wait for this, check out Surfy.