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Upcoming ‘The Frostrune’ is a Gorgeous Point-and-Click Adventure Set in the Viking Age

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When Simogo released Year Walk ($3.99) (and its companion app), I really enjoyed delving into Northern European mythology and learning about all its intriguing creatures and stories. There’s something about the moody, icy weather and landscape of countries like Sweden and Norway that has often inspired writers and artists to delve into those myths. Grimnir, the developers of the upcoming The Frostrune, seem to have been inspired by just that moodiness and mystery, and it shows in the game’s visuals. The Frostrune is a point-and-click adventure set in the Viking age. You find yourself shipwrecked on an island after a storm, and the nearby settlement appears recently abandoned, and in a hurry. The village is surrounded by a dark forest with forgotten rune stones, burial mounds, and plenty of hidden places, all of which hold the key to solving the mystery of the island.

The frostrune

While not the most original story, the developers’ decision to set the game in the Viking age should help it stand out. As you can see from the trailer and screenshot, the game looks lovely; I love the moodiness and the way the developers didn’t go with a dark and ominous palette but, rather, gave the game a very painterly feel. Some of those shots would make for great wallpapers for fantasy buffs. We don’t see much of the gameplay in the trailer, but it looks to be a relatively-standard first person puzzle/exploration game. To be honest, I’ll be playing the game not for the puzzles but for the atmosphere and the lovely visuals. The game should hit iOS and Android at some point in 2016.

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