It was about 3 weeks ago that we first talked about Peter Panic, a video game musical mashed together with Warioware-style micro games that's being developed by James Marion and published by Adult Swim Games. Well, good news! Yesterday at a Playcrafting Demo and Play night in New York Marion announced that Peter Panic would be hitting the App Store next week on March 3rd. Here's that trailer again in case you missed it earlier this month.

I absolutely love love love how much Peter Panic nails being a musical. I mean, it IS a musical, just in video game form, but it's not like anything I've ever seen before. It's the type of media blending I can really get behind. It also feels so authentic because there's actual Broadway talent involved, which really makes a difference. So get ready to break a leg come March 3rd when Peter Panic hits the iOS App Store.

  • ODMay

    Thought it was Peter from Family Guy when I saw the notification because it said Adult Swim.

  • Tallgeese