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‘The Light Inside Us’ Will Finally Shine in March

So, a while back I wrote about a game called The Light Inside Us that was coming to iOS soon. Well, unfortunately, as I wrote about it, things went pear-shaped for the developers behind the scene, and not in the good way! The release was pushed back indefinitely while Dastan Games sorted out some issues with getting the game released. Those are now settled, and the game has a new, solid release date minus something else crazy happening: March 3rd.

The Light Inside Us is an interesting little tactical ‘shooter’ of sorts where you control a horde of little cubes that must take out their enemies using weapons that allow them to shoot enemies. However, each shot diminishes their numbers, so you have to be smart and quick to take out the enemies and their origin points. It’s a nifty little game, and I’m glad the game is finally going to see release – as a premium title – next week.