TouchMint's latest in their Adventure to Fate series hits the App Store on March 3rd, with Quest to the Future (formerly Future Apocalypse) releasing for $2.99 without in-app purchases. The game has you traveling through time to portals that can help save the world, playing as several different classes with different pets to help complete your quest. The main quest is estimated by TouchMint's sole proprietor to last about 8 hours, and there's the different variety of classes to play through on later attempts.

What's particularly cool about Quest to the Future is that it is fully VoiceOver compatible for blind gamers. There's a whole community of them out there, and this game has been made so that it can be played entirely with Apple's accessibility tool. This is the third game in the series, with previous entries including A Quest to the Core [$2.99] and Battle Arena [$2.99]. They all use the same open sprite set that you've likely seen in other games, but hey – they're still good-looking sprites. Quest to the Future will be available on March 3rd for $2.99.

  • Matthew Johnston


  • kowwok

    This is so great! The developer behind this app is a very down to earth, helpful part of the iOS development community. Thanks for putting the work into these features TouchMint 🙂

  • ValentiaLyra

    It's genuinely fabulous! One of the best games I've ever had the privilege to help test.