After Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and Katy Perry Pop, Glu has done it again, bringing another celebrity game to the App Store. This time around is Britney Spears: American Dream, which is currently in soft launch in New Zealand. After a few, well, rocky years, Britney is on the rise again following a few successful records and her quite successful Las Vegas stint. So, a Glu game based on Britney shouldn't be much of a surprise to anyone. The game is, of course, all about becoming a hit pop singer, rising from the bottom to assume your place next to Britney at Planet Hollywood. You get to pick names and genres for your hit singles, socialize with other stars, share your creations with your friends (of course), perform at top venues, fend off rival singers who want to knock you off that number 1 spot, and upgrade your look and gear.

Britney Spears

From the time I've spent with the game, Britney Spears: American Dream plays pretty much the way you would expect it to. The game starts with you having just finished singing with Britney, and the pop star herself asks if you remember how you became so famous. Guess what? You do remember! And back to the beginning of your career we go when you were just a nobody who managed to sing in front of Britney at a Starbeans (yep) and immediately got her to invite you to a party (if only life worked like that).

From there on you try to sing at nicer venues to make more money to buy nicer clothes so you can sing at nicer venues and so on and so on. The singing part consists of popping things on screen as fast as you can, so nothing exciting or musical. But hey, there's plenty of Britney music playing the whole time and even Britney's voice, occasionally. I don't expect the soft launch period to last for long, so stay tuned if you've been waiting to sing with Britney all your life. If you have a NZ account, check the game out here.

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  • Hoodin

    What's up with New Zealand and everything soft launching there? Not that I'm crazy pumped for this title (okay, fine, I am!!!) but I'm kinda curious what's so special about the land down under's land down under? Is it just based on the number of users or something?

    • Qaioud

      Because it's so far away, it's harder for games to leak out :thumbs:

    • Eli Hodapp

      It's called a soft launch. Developers will build out a free to play game 99% of the way, then release it in a few smaller regions to make sure their servers are operating properly and that their IAP is tuned properly. If a game isn't monetizing properly, developers can tweak and tune things. Similarly, if any major infrastructure issues are identified they can scale things better. Apple even encourages this now, as there's been more than a few big F2P games that launched and bombed, either from a monetary perspective or because their servers just couldn't handle the load of millions of downloads.

      • Oli

        I actually make mobile F2P games so can comment on this. We're not that focussed on monetisation during SL as the numbers of players means it's hard to get accurate and consistent data and a game like this doesn't have a large game server at the other end to test, something like Clash Royal is definitely looking at the back end during SL.

        The main thing we look at is retention, D1-30 to make sure players are staying in the game. We also do a lot of work on FTUE (first time user experience) to make sure the tutorials do their job.

        Why New Zealand? English speaking country so no need to localise until everything is final. Also, if the game does perform really badly you've not ruined your chances in a big market. The other big country to SL in is Canada as it's a good measure of how players in the USA will react to the game.

    • allana

      Time zone is what I have been told. They are first up.

      • Oli

        Literally nothing to do with time zones at all.

  • Qaioud

    I kinda imagine that Ms Spears is today's youth, as Joan Baez was to mine :thumbs:

    And the heartfelt best of luck to her!

  • skylined87

    Bleh... not for me

  • skylined87

    Also, one would think that since Britney is American, and it also has American in the title that they would launch this in America rather than New Zealand. I mean come on, this isn't Flight of the Conchords: Rise of a New Zealander Folk Comedy Superband the game now is it? 😜 lol, just playing I know full and well they are just launching it for a smaller audience to see how successful it is, I just really wanted to use that Flight of the Conchords joke! 😄

    • Deckard74

      They call me the Br-Britneysauras, my IAPs are bottomless.

  • tpianca

    So clothes are the things you will grind for? That is soooo real life!!

  • bearcav

    A Starbeans? Britney/Mario & Luigi universe crossover confirmed.

  • Wizard_Mike

    I had no idea that Britney Spears was relevant enough today to warrant a game themed around her.

    • http://WWW.TWITTER.COM/ITS_MAKY_BITCH Its Maky Bitch

      LOL.. she has a show in Vegas that won as the best show in 2015. She is still part of pop culture.

  • John Jacobs

    It's exactly the same as the Katy Perry game they made.

    • Deckard74

      That doesn't look like Katy Perry in the screenshot, wow she's had a revamp.

  • belive_in_urself

    I wish I was dead.

    • Hoodin

      The comment to user name mismatch is astounding 😉

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    • Stormourner of the Nature

      sorry you have to stay alive

    • ValentiaLyra

      There, there. The headline wasn't THAT bad!