‘Minecraft: Pocket Edition’ 0.14 Update Should Release Tomorrow – Developers Will Stream 0.14 Puzzle Map

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If you’ve been anxiously waiting for Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.14 ($6.99) Update to hit, I feel your pain. Fortunately, the wait is almost over as the update should come out tomorrow if all goes as planned. To celebrate, at 10am PST we’ll get to see on stream the developers race to complete a Redstone Puzzle map filled with new features from the upcoming update. If you don’t know what the update is all about, we’ll be getting even more redstone stuff like repeaters, comparators, dispensers, droppers, hoppers, and trapped chests as well as witches, armor dying, item frames, and more. So, a pretty substantial update that should continue bringing the game closer to the PC version. We aren’t getting pistons yet, unfortunately, but I expect those to come in the next update.

If you want to try out the puzzle map yourselves, you can download the zip file from this link, and if you don’t know how to install custom maps, check out the video here for instructions. Overall, I’m very happy with the current pace of development on the game, and I hope we continue to get even more features at this pace (music, please). Are you excited about 0.14, or not that much? The stream will start when that counter hits zero, so make sure you come back here to watch it.

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