The first step of Nintendo's mobile future has come to fruition. Nintendo Accounts are now live for registration in English and worldwide. Just visit the Nintendo Accounts site, and you can sign up for your Nintendo Account, which will be used in Nintendo's mobile games along with titles on 3DS, Wii U, and future Nintendo systems. The usernames are limited to 10 characters, as it wouldn't be a Nintendo feature without some odd and unnecessary restriction. So, y'all with 11+ character usernames? Find some way to shorten them or get a new name.

Nintendo Account Creation

This is a big step in Nintendo's future because this will power their upcoming mobile games, and we're hearing that Miitomo pre-registration should open soon. So having this account now is a good idea for when Nintendo's future titles do launch. Stay on alert – there's the potential for a lot of big news to be dropping from Nintendo soon.

  • Mr.Ace


  • Nick

    Guess I have to register for Miitomo.

    • Tallgeese

      You have to register at least 151 not already registered people before your miitomo will activate...

  • ste86uk

    I got Dagon so I'm happy : )

  • YuiKaosu

    Its not worldwide. its limited. like always. Nintendo being Nintendo

  • nini

    Been trying for hours, damn site seems to be getting hammered because I can never connect.

  • Hoodin

    I got Hoodin! (I always get Hoodin! I don't think I've ever not gotten Hoodin, lol)

    Once Miitomo goes live and we can start adding friends, we'll need a thread here to share accounts! ^_^

    • nezuja

      FYI - the "nickname" for Nintendo Accounts is not unique, just found that out about 10 minutes ago.

      • Hoodin

        Lol! I just saw someone on IGN bragging about getting "Mario" and I was like "how did that happen?!" There's probably 500 people bragging about getting Mario!!

  • Zerodactyl

    Should be working now.