Last year, Space Rhino Games released Breach TD [Free], a take on the popular Starcraft 2 mod Squad TD. That map's creator and maintainer, Tsjnsn, is part of Space Rhino Games, and now they're working on a followup game, Breach: Arena TD, and they have just launched a beta test on our forums if you want to join up and take this online multiplayer game for a spin, with several testing times per week: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays from 1-3pm EST and 6-8pm EST.

So, what's different about Breach: Arena TD? Well, the big change is that the game is transitioning from a 1-on-1 game where each player had 4 Guardian units, to where each player has 3 Guardian units to place while they control a Hero unit, with a series of abilities that can help them out. The plan is for Breach: Arena TD to be a separate game release and for Breach TD accounts to migrate over to Breach: Arena TD. I think this year will be big for competitive multiplayer on mobile, and Breach: Arena TD could just make a splash.

  • Adams Immersive

    It still bugs me that the 798th company to use "tower defense" to identify a game got their lawyers to force everyone else to say "TD".

    • Brian E

      Whoa! How'd I not hear about this?! Just found the "USPTO trademark" article. That's garbage! Thanks for pointing this out Adams Immersive. 🙂

      • Adams Immersive

        Hmmm... I think I'm going to trademark Match Three and make everyone else describe their games with "M3"... And "word puzzle" games will have to be "WP." And nobody dare say what that stands for, because I have lawyers to stop that 🙂

    • Michael Hoyos

      Bugs us @Space Rhino Games too!

  • dippydippyster

    I must say, so many great ingredients in one recipe, and I'm loving it :d, something very unique is coming up in TD,
    Pls provide contact details to report bugs.

    • Michael Hoyos

      You can leave all feedback on toucharcade thread itself or send it to

      Thanks for testing! Heads up, new beta build coming up next week.

  • rotsentu

    The game is pretty cool and challenging! Congrats for this!

    • Michael Hoyos

      Thanks man! If you really want to feel the competitive aspect of it, try to show up for one of the play sessions; playing with other peops is on a whole different level for the 3v3.