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‘Breach: Arena TD’ Opens Up for Beta Testers

Last year, Space Rhino Games released Breach TD (Free), a take on the popular Starcraft 2 mod Squad TD. That map’s creator and maintainer, Tsjnsn, is part of Space Rhino Games, and now they’re working on a followup game, Breach: Arena TD, and they have just launched a beta test on our forums if you want to join up and take this online multiplayer game for a spin, with several testing times per week: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays from 1-3pm EST and 6-8pm EST.

So, what’s different about Breach: Arena TD? Well, the big change is that the game is transitioning from a 1-on-1 game where each player had 4 Guardian units, to where each player has 3 Guardian units to place while they control a Hero unit, with a series of abilities that can help them out. The plan is for Breach: Arena TD to be a separate game release and for Breach TD accounts to migrate over to Breach: Arena TD. I think this year will be big for competitive multiplayer on mobile, and Breach: Arena TD could just make a splash.