Adult Swim Games is keeping quite busy in 2016 on mobile. They've been doing a lot of console and desktop stuff as of late, but their first two releases of 2016 are shaping up to be mobile titles. The already-released Pocket Mortys [Free] came out in January and was just updated. As well, Adult Swim Games revealed on Twitch that they are publishing Peter Panic for iOS, and it's releasing soon – i.e. this month. Check out the trailer:

Peter Panic is basically a musical game, with the gameplay consisting of what appear to be micro-games that advance the story along. Meanwhile, the story features performances by actual Broadway performers. I mean, I generally dislike musicals, but putting one in a ridiculous video game format? Sure, I wanna see where this goes. This is also the second theater and video game crossover I've seen in the last few days, between Peter Panic and Heroes Must Die. You know what they say: theater-and-video-game hybrids come in bunches. Keep an ear out for this one sometime this month.

  • Tallgeese

    Well it's different, but both experiences look more like high school productions... And they already have things like nerdy Mario stripteases and Mega64 that tie into games/guerrilla market, so... I have to cautiously file this under gimmick. I hope I'm wrong though...