Last year ended with a bang as one of the last stories we posted in 2015 was Squeenix announcing Final Fantasy IX is coming to mobile. As mentioned in that same post, it doesn't sound like it's going to be a quick and dirty port either, as high quality graphics, auto-save, high-speed mode, achievements, and other modern conveniences have been added to the game. The only question that remained was when will we be playing it?! Well, a preview video posted by Square Enix gives us some clues:

Per our resident Japanese speaker, Mr. Shaun Musgrave, relevant nuggets of wisdom dropped in the above video include that the port of the game is totally complete and basically ready to sell on the App Store. The rest of the video includes a lot of commentary on how the various systems in the game works, how much faster it loads, as well as how much prettier the it is now compared to the original PlayStation FF IX release. Along with the interface (obviously) being totally redone for touch, it also features iCloud support for save game syncing.

While it seems pretty safe to get excited about this port, it might also be safe to temper your expectations with regards to when it'll appear on the US App Store. It seems incredibly unlikely that they'd be re-translating the game, but it wouldn't be surprising at all if it launched in Japan first with a globally localized launch following. That being said, Final Fantasy VII [$15.99] and most (all?) of the Final Fantasy mobile games have been launching globally at roughly the same time... So, who knows, we could be enjoying Final Fantasy IX remade for iOS devices as early as next week.

  • CodeREd

    Can't wait!

  • smiffee666


  • mindseyes

    So we have to play it in another language?

    • CodeREd


  • John Park

    I don't need more ports I need more TIME.

    • CodeREd

      That makes no sense

      • H4nd0fg0d

        Makes perfect sense

      • John Park

        Games that I want to play keep coming out, but I don't have enough time in my day to play them all. I need an extra day in the weekend just to play video games. So as of now it joins the backlog of games that I hope to get around to.

      • xxAcesHighxx

        You and me both, man.

        Though it must be noted that my – increasingly concerning – addiction to Downwell isn't doing my backlog any favours! I've splurged more than 10hrs into it this week alone :0)

    • H4nd0fg0d

      Agreed, my back log is beyond tremendous!

  • nkx

    This is great news I have beaten final fantasy 6
    7 just last week. I still wonder why they skipped 8 maybe the junction system not as popular

    • Milotorou

      Honestly 8 is kind of a mess, to me at least... If i can sum up 8 to my eyes it looks like this :

      Story is good, like really good, only reason i play this game once in a while actually, it does have more holes than a piece of swiss cheese but it really is a fun story to watch unfold.

      Gameplay really is split into 2, it holds a lot of potential, but the execution is horrendous, junction system is really bad, the idea of it is good, but i can break the game way too easily, the whole 1min30 secs summoning animations are laughable (especially when you come from 7 thinking they couldnt get worse than that).

      To finish, the soundtrack (as a whole) is one of the worst of the series IMO, BUT, the good pieces are ama-freakin-zing, the battle themes, the boss themes, liberi fatali....

      I guess after typing all that i realise that the only really bad part of the game is the gameplay... But since its the most important point, especially for replayability....meh....

  • Rogue Calypso

    What a great surprise!! I know I'm in the minority on this, but IX is my favorite of all the FF. SO excited to play the card mini game on my iPad/phone!!

    • nkx

      You are not a minority I think 9 is the best balance of 6 and 7! I consider 6 and 7 very highly! If I were to compare all final fantasies 9 is prob the best

    • curtneedsaride

      IX was my first, and will always hold that special place in my heart that I deem my favorite. Never beat it, but I own the discs and digital version on PSN. Bought the soundtrack. Have the terrible guide just to look at the pictures if nothing else. I am super excited for this, and will probably stop playing all other games the moment it is released.

      • xxAcesHighxx

        I'm with you guys! IX is comfortably my favourite, too. And like you Curt, I'll more than likely drop all other games as soon as it's out. And man, I cannot wait!

  • Michael Gevins

    Well by the main menu it seems you can change the language as there was a small "JP", and it supports cloud storage. Time will tell whether this port can run on iOS devices with the cutscenes intact. One of my favorite FF games by far as it has the iconic job classes, summoners and a grand land to explore.

  • Carlos Fagundes


    I want tonput my hands in that!

  • Milotorou


    After that ill wait for ff8-ffx and dq7 and i could almost stop caring for other games after, having all the good ffs and dqs on my phone doesnt feel like such a distant dream anymore !

    I am PUMPED for FFIX, it is my 2nd favorite FF (1st being VI) and definitely has the greatest soundtrack of the series IMO.

  • G.R.

    I read the title wrong. Thought it said XI was done. Either way this is dope.

  • Taeles

    Could hit as early as this week. I don't recall any final fantasy release ever subscribing to the wednesday release schedule.

    • nkx

      I hope so pretty pumped for FF9

  • xxAcesHighxx

    I'm guessing that FFIX will, like Square's other FF ports, feature MFi controller support? Replaying III and IV with my GameVice transformed the overall feel of the games for me – I absolutely HATE virtual game pads. I'd ever prefer the dreaded 'tap to move' over cumbersome UI, a'la FFVII.

  • Dinara

    Day 1 steam purchase for me. Mobile games tend to get abandoned over the months/years and major ios updates usually break these games.

  • RinoaHeartily

    I bet shaun will be the first person to review this

    • curtisrshideler

      And I bet I'll be one of the first to read it!

  • ff-lover

    Can't wait to play this!! My favorite final fantasy game of all time!

  • chuii

    So what happened to FF8?

    • planetmidgar

      I really can't imagine why they skipped it. It been chronological this whole time. Must be saving it for something... Maybe special.

  • smiffee666

    The wait is killing me now that i know it could be close 🙂 this was the 2nd FF game i played (Vii being the 1st). Really not sure why Viii has been bypassed, maybe it needs a little more work to port? who knows?

  • Pivi

    Damn. This HD graph update made this game stunning. I loved it in it's pixelish glory too, but I may have to buy this just to experience it's beuty.

  • Chungston

    Stoked. This one was better than 8 I felt.