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The Mobile Port of ‘Final Fantasy IX’ Is Complete, Likely Will Launch Very Soon

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Last year ended with a bang as one of the last stories we posted in 2015 was Squeenix announcing Final Fantasy IX is coming to mobile. As mentioned in that same post, it doesn’t sound like it’s going to be a quick and dirty port either, as high quality graphics, auto-save, high-speed mode, achievements, and other modern conveniences have been added to the game. The only question that remained was when will we be playing it?! Well, a preview video posted by Square Enix gives us some clues:

Per our resident Japanese speaker, Mr. Shaun Musgrave, relevant nuggets of wisdom dropped in the above video include that the port of the game is totally complete and basically ready to sell on the App Store. The rest of the video includes a lot of commentary on how the various systems in the game works, how much faster it loads, as well as how much prettier the it is now compared to the original PlayStation FF IX release. Along with the interface (obviously) being totally redone for touch, it also features iCloud support for save game syncing.

While it seems pretty safe to get excited about this port, it might also be safe to temper your expectations with regards to when it’ll appear on the US App Store. It seems incredibly unlikely that they’d be re-translating the game, but it wouldn’t be surprising at all if it launched in Japan first with a globally localized launch following. That being said, Final Fantasy VII ($15.99) and most (all?) of the Final Fantasy mobile games have been launching globally at roughly the same time… So, who knows, we could be enjoying Final Fantasy IX remade for iOS devices as early as next week.

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