Chinese publisher NetDragon has just released Dead Union for iOS in China, and hints say that we'll be seeing this in the US at some point. The game looks like a solid first-person shooter where you get to shoot a bunch of zombies, including some with baseball bats. They're using tools! They're learning! Grab as much ammo as you can and deal with this menace!

If you're in the US and want to play this game, the plans seem to be a bit up in the air at the moment. The game is only available in China right now on iOS, but it's been soft launched in some countries on Android, and you might be able to nab it if you have a compatible device over there. Also, the description and the game itself being in English seems to give away that a worldwide launch is not a preposterous suggestion. So, keep an eye on the soft launch thread – if you can call releasing a game in a country with just under 1.4 billion people a "soft" launch – and keep an eye out for this one.

  • Fastbridge

    I want this now

  • Modjular

    Are FPSs actually popular on the App Store? I remember dead effect and after pulse coming through a while ago, but I haven't heard about them since. It seems weird to have another contender in an already full arena. A relatively unpopular one too.

  • boydstr

    Is it a FTM game (free to move)i hate those shooters where the game put you behind cover shoot some zombies and the game put you on a other spot,hate iT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want FTM FPS gameplay.